Manna in the Morning, Decisions

June 24, 2009

Manna in the Morning


1 Samuel 14:41, “So Saul said to the Lord, “God of Israel, give us the right decision.”

            Our lives are full of decisions, we make some without even thinking, and others are made after carefully weighing all the considerations, both positive and negative.  Some we tend to think we can handle on our own, others, we seek advice from friends and counselors.  For major decisions we ask our Heavenly Father for wisdom and discernment in making the right choice.  In ancient Israel, the High Priest was consulted for major decisions regarding the entire nation and he would go before Almighty God for the answer.

            Scripture has given us some help in making right decisions for our lives, First, always make the decision yourself if you are involved, don’t let others influence and make the decision for you.  Second, determine whether or not the choice will make your life more like that of Jesus or will the resultant action make your witness less effective and diminish your influence for Christ?   Ask God your Heavenly Father for direction.  Scripture is the best channel marker by which you chart your life’s course.

            Next, will it help me achieve my life purpose?  Each Christian should have an overall life plan, often accompanied by a life verse.  Fourth, does this choice violate Scriptural precepts or my personal convictions?  If this choice is contrary to the principles and convictions under which I feel God would have me live my life, it is the wrong choice.  Always consider your spouse and family when making a choice, God has given them to us, and they are to be consulted before any major life-affecting action. 

            Last, can I honestly pray and ask God’s blessing on my chosen path?  If there is even a hint of reluctance to ask God to honor any decision, it is the wrong one to make.  Our gracious Heavenly Father, give us the wisdom to seek Your will in every decision we make by consulting Your Word and being sensitive to Your voice in our heart.  Keep our testimony strong and our may our lives declare your grace and glory, in Jesus’ name we pray.


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