Manna in the Morning, Don’t sin!

July 7, 2009

Manna in the Morning


1 Corinthians 8:9, “But be careful that this right of yours in no way becomes a stumbling block to the weak.”

            Jesus spoke to the assembled crowds in Judea and told them if they were the cause of a young Christian stumbling and falling, it would be better if they jumped off a boat with a heavy stone around their neck.  Here in a letter to the Church at Corinth, Paul restates that basic principle for the Christians there.  He reminds them that as those who believe in Jesus’ sacrificial death, burial and resurrection are saved by the grace of God.  We are not bound by a legal code of things we must do and things we must not do, we are to live by the precepts and commands of Jesus, who commanded us to love and pray for one another, doing nothing that would bring dishonor on the name of the One we love and serve. 

            We need to develop a list of things we are convinced the Bible counts as sin, not just the Ten Commandments, but commands like daily communion with our Heavenly Father, to keep our bodies and minds pure, undefiled and fit for the habitation of God the Holy Spirit.  There may be things that you or I may be convinced are wrong for us personally, things we have determined we will not do in order to glorify our Savior.  To go against these personal convictions is also sin. 

            There may be other activities that are not sinful for us, but the time and place may give those actions the appearance of sinful activity, these are to be avoided  because a young Christian may not have the spiritual maturity to discern the difference and be led astray.  In all things, the mature Believer will carefully live in such a manner to never give offence to other Believers, regardless of appearance.  Our gracious Heavenly Father, guide us this day in paths of righteousness, humility and service.  May we walk worthy of you who redeemed us from sin, in Jesus’ name we pray.


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