Manna in the Morning, The Good Fight

July 8, 2009

Manna in the morning


2 Timothy 4:6-7, “The time for my departure is close. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

            Paul, the great Missionary Apostle gives us the words that have been used as the final words on many tombstones.  Paul had been a Pharisee, heard the voice of Jesus on the Road to Damascus, traveled on four Missionary journeys, was imprisoned in Rome after a shipwreck while being carried there to testify before Caesar, the equivalent of appealing a case all the way to the Supreme Court.  Paul had been beaten, given his testimony before Agrippa and Herod, the Council in Jerusalem, in countless cities and assemblies of Believers across Asia and Europe.  He had preached to the Greeks, Romans, and many churches throughout Asia and in his own words, “I have fought the good fight.”  Many times we forget we are soldiers in the Army of our Lord God and are on active duty so long as we live.  Never are we to retreat or hide from the enemy, but using the armor and armament given to us by our Father, to carry the fight to the limit, always allowing the Lord God to take over the battle and win it through us.  Finally Paul said he had kept the faith.  In spite of the trials and opposition, Paul never took his eyes of the goal, to finish his race at the same speed with which he had started, without slowing down, always advancing and now he is ready to meet his Savior. 

            As we advance through our Christian life, we need to remind ourselves to keep our eyes on the goal that is set before us, not distracted and as anxious as we are to see Jesus, to be sure we have accomplished all that is expected of us so we can receive the reward that awaits all those who devote their lives to serving their Lord, the Crown of righteousness. 

            Our gracious heavenly Father, we want to finish this life in strength and victory, give us the strength and guide us as we fight off the attacks of the adversary and spread the news of redemption through Jesus Christ.  We ask this in Jesus’ Name.


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