Manna in the Morning, Backsliding

July 21, 2009

Manna in the Morning


Hosea 4:16, “For Israel slides back as a backsliding heifer.”

            There are so many metaphors in Scripture that refer to an agrarian society, which is defined as a society based upon agriculture.  Many people have never spent time on a farm, do not understand the terms used, therefore do not get the intended message.  A heifer is a young female cow, never having calved.  The word backsliding is easily understood, taking two steps forward and falling back one.  This happens to rock and mountain climbers, especially to kids trying to climb sand dunes and piles of dirt like many did in their youth playing ‘King of the Hill.’  A heifer is young, inexperienced and given to foolish activity.          

            Israel is known throughout scripture for calling upon God for restoration and deliverance from their enemies who had enslaved them.  When they cried out as a nation, the Lord God heard them sent them a deliverer who defeated their enemies, then restored them to independence and true worship.  After a period of time, the Israelites would forget their dependence upon God and the promises they made as a people and fall into sin ending up in slavery once again.  This pattern is seen repeated six times in the Book of Judges, and also seen with regularity in their entire history. 

            There is very little difference between ancient Israel and the way we live our lives today, we ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness which is freely given, then in the course of our daily activities we make the same mistakes, commit the same sins, and come to Him again for the forgiveness he so freely offers.  As sincere as we may be, the devil knows our weaknesses, and we attempt to resist the temptations in our own strength instead of depending upon the power of God the Holy Spirit within us.  Our Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your faithfulness, mercy and grace.  Put within us the ability to rely upon Your strength to overcome the temptations hurled against us.  Use us today   we ask in Jesus’ name.


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