October 30, 2009


Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda Heads To Supreme Court

Chicago Gun Ban Case to Determine Gun Rights For All States

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago, and decide whether the right to keep and bear arms secured by the Second Amendment protects Americans from overreaching state and local governments.

The Supreme Court case is of paramount importance to American citizens, to see that their constitutional rights are respected not only by the Congress, but by state and local governments.

Obama made public his clear anti-gun agenda in March 2004 in Chicago. Obama voted against Illinois Senate Bill 2165 allowing citizens the right to protect themselves and for local ordinances against handgun possession. The measure passed the Illinois Senate by a vote of 38-20 without Obama’s vote. STOP Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda now before he can appoint any anti-gun judges. The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is delighted to bring this case in cooperation with the Illinois State Rifle Association and the four local plaintiffs. We are in this fight because a gun ban is no less onerous to civil rights in Chicago than it was in the District of Columbia. Such a law cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. Protecting our gun rights is expensive and it’s impossible to put a price tag on. This time freedom will cost $250,000 to defend your Second Amendment rights in this challenge to the Chicago gun ban. SAF stands firmly committed to defend these rights and we are asking you to stand with us and we need your help to stop the anti-freedom extremists now!  Reprinted from the SAF website.  Join with your favorite Pro-gun Group and fight for the Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms!  Call your State Attorney General and urge him to file an Amicus Brief stating he agrees that the individual right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and applies to all 50 states.


I would like to ask you to send a letter carefully patterned after this example to your Senators and to Senator Harry Reid:  this imbecelic legislation Must not pass!

Dear Senator:________

I demand that you actively OPPOSE and vote “NO” on President Obama’s Government-Run Health Care Plan.

It’s clear that countries with government health care systems see:

  • Massive shortages of doctors and nurses.
  • Waiting lists for medical treatments that is routine here in the U.S.
  • An end to research and development into new lifesaving medicines and treatments
  • Decaying medical facilities
  • Health Care Rationing Boards, which deny care to the elderly and very sick as a way to save costs.

In addition, most experts say Obamacare will include:

  • Forcing pro-life doctors to perform abortions (even partial-birth abortions) against their conscience.
  • Requiring taxpayers to pay for health care for illegal aliens.
  • Massive cuts in Medicare to pay for Obamacare.
  • Adding TRILLIONS more dollars to the National Debt.
  • Massive tax increases to pay for Obamacare.

I don’t want government bureaucrats deciding whether I get medical care or not, or even whether I live or die.

It’s time for Congress to declare “Obamacare” dead-on-arrival (DOA) and to start over on a new plan that’s consistent with liberty. I will be watching your actions and your vote on this issue of urgent importance to the life and liberty of all Americans.



Sanctity of Marriage

October 21, 2009

“The happy State of Matrimony is, undoubtedly, the surest and most lasting Foundation of Comfort and Love; the Source of all that endearing Tenderness and Affection which arises from Relation and Affinity; the grand Point of Property; the Cause of all good Order in the World, and what alone preserves it from the utmost Confusion; and, to sum up all, the Appointment of infinite Wisdom for these great and good Purposes.” –Benjamin Franklin, Rules and Maxims for Promoting Matrimonial Happiness, 1730