June 27, 2010

India Trip -4-

            The theme I used in teaching the young leaders and SS Teachers was an expansion of Ezra 7:10 where Ezra declares his desire to read, study, teach and live the Word of God, followed by Paul’s letter to Timothy where he desires to teach others to teach others. 

            Most of these young leaders do not have access to teaching techniques or methods, so it is important to direct them to the lives of some of the great teachers of the Bible.  Were I to go again, I would add in a unit on teaching, “The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom.”All in all, the ministry our whole team had in Aurangabad was positive, uplifting and satisfying both to the students and to the teachers.  Our stay in the hotel was comfortable, and the food was prepared for us, keeping in mind our tender western stomachs.  One evening we had an entire Indian dinner, chosen by one of our Indian translator/guides.  We (I) was careful to state it would be good to go light on the spices used. 

            Traffic is the one indelible mark of India in my memory.  2 wheelers, 3 wheeled pedicabs, bicycles, 150cc motorbikes, huge trucks, ox carts, peddler’s wagons, narrow streets, driving on the left, lane markings as mere suggestions, horns blowing constantly and pedestrians scattered like salt are constant – day or night, yet few accidents and seldom any evidence of road rage on the part of the drivers.  Definitely, one must keep their wits about them while moving as ped Xings and sidewalks are not known.   All these people who need to be reached for our Lord and in need of salvation.  Stay tuned, Sundogger


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