India Report

June 27, 2010

India Trip -5-

            I’ve mentioned quite a bit about the traffic, but little about the dense population.  That really is the factor that drives the traffic.  Many of the poorer people cannot find work, try their hardest, and usually find something, even if it’s selling fresh fruit or similarly needed commodities to the rest of the people.  Even a few Rupees will help bring rice and other needed food to their cooking pots.   If selling pineapples is successful, they will ‘sub-contract out to another one or two people to buy from them in order to sell on other corners and carts.  This concept was very much alive in the US in our earlier years and has been undermined and wiped out by the Liberal welfare policies where those who are employed will pay high taxes to subsidize the welfare payments, taxes by the government on even tiny one-man pushcarts, inspections, fines, licenses, permits to use vacant land and all the other red tape placed upon an entrepreneur who wants to start any business. 

            Begging and panhandling is common, and many children as young as 5 or 6 years old are sent out to beg money, but have to turn much of their receipts over to their ‘handler.’  If you appear to be a westerner, you will be mobbed on the street by people who will follow you for long distances, and for a long time just in hopes you will share with them out of your great riches that may be present only in their eyes. 

            Your heart aches for these people who have nothing to hope for, except maybe a better birth next time around.  Pray for the Indian population to continue to make progress in solving the apathy and listlessness among their people, and that the promises of a loving God for their soul’s redemption will somehow reach their ears.  HBI and other evangelical organizations are active in reaching such people with the Gospel and helping them become self-sustaining people.


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