Entrynumber 6

June 29, 2010

India Trip -6-

                        As our team worked in Aurangabad, we had some great National Partners.  The Women’s Ministry where Robin Brown and Nancy Hockey taught and worked primarily with the Pastor’s wives and other women active in the Evangelical church in India, specifically in the State of Maharashtra, they were assisted by representatives of the Hindustani Bible Insti8tute, Sister Ester who has been working with these servants of God for a long time and is well regarded and very capable.  A young couple named Shradha and Ravi Thorat helped the entire team in countless ways.  They assisted in interpreting, scheduling, driving, planning, making it easier to move around the city and stay on time for our meetings.  They have just moved to a village where there is no church, nor has there ever been one.  Under God’s leading they have rented a small house, are there to be a resource and help to the people, have already brought in a medical camp to help the villagers with their basic health education and sanitation and are representing Jesus in practical ways to the villagers.  In the next few months they will introduce prayer fellowships and house church meetings, winning these folks to Christ.  They will surely need our prayers over the next months as their needs change and their load increases.  Pray for Shradha and Ravi.  At the end of our stay in Aurangabad we met with a prayer cell in the basement under a store in a space about 15’ by 30’, with over 50 in attendance.  We were there just to worship with them, not to speak or have an active part other than prayer.  In this service, as in other meetings, we could feel the heavy presence of evil, and saw its evidences be overcome by earnest, heartfelt prayer.  There was no threat of physical danger, only the sense of spiritual battles taking place.  God gave great victory and I must say my little box of faith was shattered and I began to realize the vast expanse and variation in the working of God among His children in India.

            After our visit to the caves, it was time to move on to Chennai where we had another week of ministry and events awaiting us.


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