India, 7th Report

July 1, 2010

India Trip -7-

            After Arriving in Chennai around 1 PM on Saturday, we were met by one of the staff members of HBI (Hindustani Bible Institute) who gave each of us a chilled wet towel to refresh ourselves in the middle of the India heat.  On the average, I would say 5* warmer than Florida.  Those towels were a wonderful welcome.  After wiping my face and arms, etc.  I placed the cool towel around my neck for the rest of the ride to the Campus.  After we arrived, we were shown to our rooms, given a few minutes to unpack, rest, clean up and then off on a shopping trip, accompanied by at least two staff members.  After getting some needed items and returning to Campus we entered into an orientation meeting, giving us our schedule, etc. for the coming week. 

            During the week, we went on a Prayer Walk through the neighborhoods near the Campus, praying as we went for the people we met, children we saw, those that would come and worship at the little shrines and altars placed on corners and little nooks and crannies of property.  Some were Buddhist, some Hindu, all dedicated to various idols and gods, but all are a place for people who know nothing else would leave an offering or a flower in their vain attempts to better their life.  We saw extremes such as large houses, small huts, children coming home from school in their crisp starched uniforms, street beggars, storefront shops and tea rooms, a microcosm of the City as a whole.  It gives the visitor a perspective of where we were, and where our nation once was.  If you have seen films of the dust bowl, the great depression of the late ‘20’s and early ‘30’s, especially of New York, you have seen some of the same urban overcrowding.  This prayer walk sharpened our awareness of why we were there.  I’m thinking it would be a good thing if we all developed a ‘prayer awareness’ when we are stopped at a red light or see someone on the corner, whether we know them or not, just to pray and ask God to bring an awareness into their life of the need for a Savior, and the provision God has already made.  Also, I would like to encourage you to become a member of the Pocket Testament League, and order Gospels of John to give away in malls, stores or wherever you are.  Let God’s Word do His work in the lives of others.  We’re approaching July 4th, and the celebration of the Birth of the USA, One Nation Under God, and the real danger of letting this freedom slip away out of apathy. 

            Sunday was a day of Worship and an opportunity to visit a home church in their second week of existence.  More to come on that experience.


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