July 5, 2010

India -8-

On Sunday Morning of our stay in Chennai, I went to a home church in one of the developing areas of the city.  The house was built by a young couple who had the concept of a church in mind when they planned the first floor, laying it out so there was enough room for people to assemble and an area for the music leader and Pastor to face the congregants.  The week we attended was the second time the church had met and the attendance was a significant increase over the first week.  Dr. Gupta was their speaker, the worship leader was accompanied only by his guitar, but there was a keyboard available.  The people were friendly, worshipped with their whole heart and showed a heart for sharing the Gospel message in the little development where the home was located.

            I learned a lot that day, I remembered worship does not depend upon the surroundings, but the heart; praise does not need a band or a choir, just my voice; God has promised to be with us if even two or three are present, so long as we honor Him; music need not be loud nor complex, simple is good.  A phrase from a gospel song keeps going through my head as I write this, “I’m going back to the heart of worship, it’s all about You, Lord, it’s all about you.”  I’m not telling you to leave your church, or ignore its programs, these are good things, but if God directs you to have a prayer cell one night a month or so for your neighborhood – do it.


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