Was Anybody Listening?

January 6, 2011

I’t was a great idea to read the Constitution alound in the House of Prepresentatives today.  I just wonder if anyone listened or thought about what they were reading.  Jesse Jackson Jr. wondered what language they used, American English would be my answer.  Other ultra-Libs thought it was an act of worship, thus inappropriate for anyone to really believe, after all its only the document they all just swore to defend and uphold.  Since the Republicans are determined to pass legislation regulating or funding actions that are specifically called for in the Constitution, we ought to see imme3diate cancellation of funding for research on the sex habits of rats, turning corn into ethanol, (IF that was done in the Appelacian Mountains, the Fed’s would tax it,) and similar frivolous pet projects of the men and women who line Coingressional halls.  Congrat’s to the Repub’s, now get to work and repeal the unconstitutional monstrosity called Obamacare and look out, the economy will rapidly rise when the heavy burden is lifted.  Sundogger


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