Are we a bunch of Monkeys?

August 24, 2011


If you start with a cage containing five monkeys, and inside the
cage you hang a banana on a string from the top and place a ladder under the
banana, before long a monkey will go to the ladder and climb toward the


As soon as he touches the ladder, you spray all the other monkeys
with cold water. After a while another monkey makes an attempt with same the
result … all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon
when another monkey tries to climb the ladder, the other monkeys will try to
prevent it.


Now, put the cold water away.

Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the ladder.
To his shock, all of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him. After another
attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the ladder he will be


Next, remove another of the original five monkeys, replacing it
with a new one. The newcomer goes to the ladder and is attacked. The previous
newcomer takes part in the punishment… with enthusiasm.


Then, replace a third original monkey with a new one, followed by a
fourth, then the fifth.


Every time the newest monkey takes to the ladder he is attacked.
Most of the monkeys beating up each new monkey have no idea why they were not
permitted to climb the ladder. Neither do they know why they are participating
in the beating of the newest monkey.


Finally, having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the
five monkeys will ever have been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, none of
the monkeys will try to climb the ladder for the banana.


Why, you ask? Because in their minds … that is the way it has
always been!


my friends, is how Congress operates … and is why, from time to time, all of
the monkeys need to be replaced AT THE SAME TIME!


Subject:: Fast Facts About Dr. Charles Krauthammer , MD


Facts About Dr. Charles Krauthammer , MD

1. Born: March 13,

Birthplace: New
York City
, New York

3. Raised in

4. Attended Mc
Gill University
and Harvard Medical School

5. 1972
diving accident left him paralyzed from the neck on down.

6. Directed psychiatric
research for the Carter

7. Began
writing career in 1981
with The New Republic

8. Helped
develop the “Reagan Doctrine” in the 80’s

9. Appointed
to Presidential Council on Bioethics in 2002

I feel Dr. K. is right on.  Sundogger

Dr. Charles Krauthammer , MD

Krauthammer is frequently on the Fox News Channel. He is an M.D., a lawyer
and is paralyzed from the neck down. A friend went to hear Charles Krauthammer . He listened with
25 others in a closed room. What he says here, is NOT 2nd-hand but 1st. The
ramifications are staggering for us, our children and their children.

Last Monday was a
profound evening, Dr. Charles Krauthammer spoke to the Center for the
American Experiment.. He is a brilliant intellectual, seasoned &
articulate. He is forthright and careful in his analysis, and never resorts
to emotions or personal insults. He is NOT a fear monger nor an extremist in
his comments and views . He is a fiscal conservative, and has received a
Pulitzer Prize for writing. He is a frequent contributor to Fox News and
writes weekly for the Washington Post.

The entire
room was held spellbound during his talk. I have summarized his comments, as
we are living in uncharted waters economically and internationally.

Even 2
Dems at my table agreed with everything he said! If you feel like forwarding
this to those who are open minded and have not drunk the Kool-Aid, feel

Summary of
his comments:

1. Mr. Obama is a very
intellectual, charming individual. He is not to be underestimated. He is a
cool customer who doesn’t show his emotions. It’s very hard to know what’s
behind the mask. The taking down of the Clinton dynasty was an amazing
accomplishment. The Clintons still do not understand what hit them. Obama was
in the perfect place at the perfect time.

2. Obama has political skills comparable to Reagan and Clinton . He has
a way of making you think he’s on your side, agreeing with your position,
while doing the opposite
Pay no
attention to what he SAYS; rather, watch what he DOES!

3. Obama has a
ruthless quest for power
. He did not come to Washington to make
something out of himself, but rather to change everything, including
dismantling capitalism
. He can’t be straightforward on his ambitions,
as the public would not go along. He has a heavy hand, and wants to level the
playing field with income redistribution and punishment to the achievers of
society. He would like to model the USA to Great Britain orCanada .

4. His three main goals are to control ENERGY,
PUBLIC EDUCATION, and NATIONAL HEALTHCARE by the Federal government.
He doesn’t care about the auto or financial services
industries, but got them as an early bonus. The cap and trade will add costs
to everything and stifle growth. Paying for FREE college education is his
goal. Most scary is his healthcare program, because if you make it FREE and
add 46,000,000 people to a Medicare-type single-payer system, the costs will
go through the roof. The only way to control costs is with massive
RATIONING of services, like in Canada ..
God forbid!

5. He has
surrounded himself with mostly far-left academic types.
No one around
him has
ever even run a candy store. But they are going to try and run
the auto, financial, banking and other industries. This obviously can’t work
in the long run. Obama is not a socialist; rather he’s a far-left
secular progressive bent on nothing short of revolution
. He ran as a
but will govern from the hard left. Again,
watch what he DOES, not what he says.

6. Obama doesn’t
really see himself as President of the United States , but more as a ruler
over the world. He sees himself above it all, trying to orchestrate
& coordinate various countries and their agendas.
He sees moral
equivalency in all cultures. His apology tour in Germany and England was a
prime example of how he sees America , as an imperialist nation that has been
arrogant, rather than a great noble nation that has at times made errors. This
is the first President ever
has chastised our allies and appeased our enemies!

7. He is now handing
out goodies. He hopes that the bill (and pain) will not come due until after
he is reelected in 2012. He would like to blame all problems on Bush from the
past, and hopefully his successor in the future. He has a huge ego, and Dr.
Krauthammer believes he is a narcissist.

8.. Republicans are in the wilderness for a while, but will emerge strong.
Republicans are pining for another Reagan , but there will never be another
like him. Krauthammer believes Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty & Bobby Jindahl
(except for his terrible speech in February) are the future of the party.
Newt Gingrich is brilliant, but has baggage. Sarah Palin is sincere and
intelligent, but needs to really be seriously boning up on facts and info if
she is to be a serious candidate in the future. We need to return to the
party of lower taxes, smaller government, personal
responsibility, strong national defense, and state’s rights

9. The current
level of spending is irresponsible and outrageous
We are spending trillions that we
don’t have.
This could lead to hyperinflation,
depression or worse
. No country has ever spent themselves into prosperity.
Media is
Obama, Reid and Pelosi a Pass because
they love their agenda. But eventually the bill will come due and people will
realize the huge bailouts didn’t work, nor will the stimulus package. These
were trillion-dollar payoffs to Obama’s allies, unions and the Congress to
placate the left, so he can get support for #4 above.

10. The election was
over in mid-September when Lehman brothers failed, fear and panic swept in, we
had an unpopular President, and the war was grinding on indefinitely without
a clear outcome
The people are in pain, and the mantra of change
caused people to act emotionally. Any Dem would have won this election;
it was surprising it was as close as it was.

11. In 2012, if the
unemployment rate is over 10%, Republicans will be swept back into power. If
it’s under 8%, the Dems continue to roll. If it’s between 8-10%, it will be a
dogfight. It will all be about the economy. I hope this gets you really
thinking about what’s happening in Washington and Congress.
There is a left-wing revolution going on, according to Krauthammer, and he
encourages us to keep the faith and join the loyal resistance. The work will
be hard, but we’re right on most issues and can reclaim our country, before
it’s far too late.

yourself a long term favor
, send this to all who will listen to an
intelligent assessment of the big picture. All our futures and children’s
futures depend on our good understanding of what is really going on in DC,
and our action pursuant to that understanding!! It really IS up to each of us
to take individual action!! Start with educating your friends and


in case you might be interested in this.


Below is a story from Human Events (by Roger Hedgecock who has been a frequent
guest host for Rush Limbaugh) that provides background information. So far, few
members have talked about it. The most prominent comments have come from Sen.
Grassley and Rep. Issa, both of whom are calling for a probe.   Shari
Farrington D.O. Executive Asst. and Field Representative Office of Congressman
Trent Franks 623.776.7911 District Office
Barack Hussein Obama, Holder Busted in Gunwalker Cover-up  by Roger
Hedgecock  07/22/2011
  Kenneth Melson was supposed to be the fall
guy, the sacrificial lamb, the guy thrown under the bus to protect President
Barack Hussein Obama. Melson was “expected” to resign. He refused.
Instead, Melson,  acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has turned whistle-blower and all hell is
about to explode over the operation dubbed by Barack Hussein Obama’s Justice
Department  “Fast and Furious” but now known as the Gunwalker
scandal. It looks like the Barack Hussein Obama regime financed (partly with
“stimulus” funds) an $80 million program to allow straw buyers to
purchase hundreds of weapons from federally licensed gun shops in
Southwest states, over the objection of the shop owners, and  then allowed
these weapons to “walk” across the Mexican border into the waiting
arms of the murderous Mexican  drug cartels. At first, Justice Department
spokesmen said it was a “sting gone wrong.” Then, when many
pointed  out that the ATF had no jurisdiction to follow the guns across
the border to make arrests, the cover story fell apart.  Melson has told
congressional investigators that there is a “smoking gun” internal
memo withheld from Congress indicating that “political appointees”
(Barack Hussein Obama’s) in the Justice Department were involved. This memo and
other documents are being withheld from Congress as part of a cover-up. Melson
has also told Congressional investigators that affidavits prepared by Justice
Department lawyers to support wiretaps in the operation were
“inconsistent” with public statements by Justice Department
officials, meaning that the operation, it’s existence at  first denied by
the Justice Department, was detailed months before to a court in sworn
statements by the same Justice Department. Attorney General Eric Holder
testified at a congressional hearing in March 2011 that he had just
learned of the Fast and Furious operation “a few weeks ago.”
However, Holder spoke at a joint Mexico-U.S. law enforcement conference in
Mexico in April 2009, describing the operation and touting it as a way to
combat the growing power of the Mexican drug cartels. The explosive revelations
continued. Melson told the investigators that during operation Fast and
Furious, guns were bought by and sold to individuals connected with the Mexican
cartels who were also paid informants for the FBI and the Drug Enforcement
Administration. American taxpayers are funding all sides of this war.
When the Mexican government captured the third-ranking leader of the Los Zetas
cartel, Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, he bragged that the cartel’s guns were
bought in the U.S. and that all the cartels were buying guns from the U.S.
government.  The Mexicans are furious about all this. The Mexican congress
has opened an investigation under the assumption that Barack Hussein Obama’s
operation was an act of war on Mexico. More than 200 Mexican law enforcement
and military personnel have been killed in the last year by guns traced back to
Gunwalker. These guns, traced by serial number, have tragically also
turned up at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata by cartel gunmen.
The Mexican cartels get weapons from Mexican Army deserters, from leftist
guerrilla groups in South America, and from international gun smugglers. Under
Barack Hussein Obama, they also got weapons from U.S. gun shops. We now know
how this was done, in a story first told by CBS News. The question is why? The
answer fits a pattern described by then-Barack Hussein Obama’s Chief of Staff
Rahm Emanuel of never letting a crisis go to waste if it can advance the agenda.
The crisis was the civil war between the Mexican government and the drug
cartels, with violence spilling over into American cities. Barack Hussein
Obama, Janet Napolitano, and even Hillary Clinton, blamed this border violence
on the easy availability of guns in U.S. gun shops and gun shows along the
border. The agenda was gun control. Gun control laws needed to be strengthened
to protect the lives of innocent Mexicans and Americans. When statistics
designed to show the cartels were armed primarily from American sources were
proven false, the crisis had to be goosed a little. Operation Fast and Furious
became the funnel for a self-fulfilling prophecy. Despite all these revelations
of Barack Hussein Obama regime complicity in this gunrunning operation, the gun
control agenda lives on. Just last Monday, the Justice Department announced
that all gun shops in four Southwest states will have to report to the ATF
purchases of two or more of some types of rifles by the same person in a
five-day span. (WHAT A JOKE THIS IS)  With
a straight face, a Justice Department spokesman described this as an effort to
stem the illicit flow of weapons into Mexico. Rep. Lamar Smith (R.-Tex.) called
this new requirement the “height of hypocrisy … when the administration
knowingly and intentionally allowed guns to be trafficked into Mexico.”
Smith concluded, “Limiting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding
citizens is not going to solve the problem.” Thank you Congressman
Smith.  Congratulations Ken Melson. Thank you for telling the truth.
Without you, the American people might believe that more gun control is the
answer. With your statements, we now know that controlling the corruption of
the Justice Department is the answer. Isn’t it time someone asked the
age-old question, “What did Barack Hussein 0bama (the President) know, and
when did he know it?”