When did America chose a King to reign over us?

December 7, 2011

Speaking truth to power: “I would imagine that you guys are feeling fairly chipper, aren’t you? I mean you had an extraordinarily successful week in many ways. Unemployment dropping below 9 percent for the first time in the president’s reign at the White House, and coming at the same time as a resurgent stock market saw its highest week’s performance since 2009. … In a sense, [Barack Obama’s] personable, he’s handsome, he can be funny. You know, abroad he has this great image for America. A lot of things are just perfect about Barack Obama.” –CNN’s Piers Morgan to Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod

I understand things a bit better now, BHS acts like he’s a king, and the syncophant media think he is, so we have to accept him as one.  – Sundogger


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