Things to Consider

April 1, 2012

Here are just a FEW things Obama has done since in the White House. I’m sure you forgot but once you read the list it’ll ring some bells in your head..! And WE all know this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more he’s done to DAMAGE America..4 more years I HOPE & PRAY NOT..!1. Obama Lying About His Social Security Number2. Obama Lying About His Nation Of Birth3. Obama’s Endless Tyrannical Executive Orders4. The Obama Soros’ Occupy Wall street Mob5. Uganda6. Obama Giving Solyndra 535 Million Of Our Money7. Raising The Deficit To 18 Trillion8. America’s First Credit Downgrade9. Obama’s Fast And Furious Criminal Operation10. Repeal Of DOMA11. Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell12. Obama Buying His Union Votes With Our Tax Money13. Obama Empowering The Muslim Brotherhood And Al Qaeda14. Obama Swearing That He Would Side With Muslims Against Us Patriots15. Obama’s Hate Speech Provocations16. Obama putting Muslim’s Rights Over All Other American’s Rights17. Obama Ignoring North Korean Aggression18. Obama’s Democrats Voting Against Auditing The Corrupt Federal Reserve Bank19. Obama Giving Brazilian & Soro’ Owned Oil Company Two Billion To Drill Off Shore With The Oil Slated To Go To China20. Lopsided Nuke Deals21. Obama’s Expensive & Unnecessary Trip To India22. Obama’s Illegal Aunt Living Off Our Taxes23. Obama Taking 500 Billion From Medicare And From Our Senior Citizens To Fund His Illegals On welfare24. Obama Having The Cross and the letters IHS covered up that symbolizes the name of Jesus Christ at Georgetown University obama delivering a dismal 45-minute speech. 25. Mosque At 9-11 Ground Zero26. Obama and Hillary calling in the UN to slam Arizona, 22 States & our nation’s laws27. Our Tax Money Being Used To Fund The Democrat Propagandist National Public Radio28. Obamacare29. Abortions paid for under Obamacare30. Suing Arizona31. Obama’s Wealth Redistribution32. No Social Security Cost Of Living Increase For Retired Americans For Two Years33. Bailouts34. Bribes35. Obama’s & BP’s Mishandled Gulf Of Mexico Oil Aneurysm36. 535 Billion Of Your Money Spent On Illegals Every Year37. Obama’s 2.6 Trillion Amnesty38. Economy Trashed By The Democrats39. Democrat Voter Fraud40. No Real Border Security Enforcement41. Siding with the Marxist Zelaya in Honduras against the will of the people their42. No Jobs43. Beer Summit44. Calling Our Returning Veterans Potential Terrorists45. AG Holder setting the 9-11 terrorist trial just blocks from the 9-11 attack site46. Calling Christians Potential Terrorists47. Hands Holding Crotch During Pledge Of Allegiance48. Rev Wright49. Michelle50. Massive & Reckless Spending51. Harry Reid52. Nancy Pelosi53. Sestak Obamacare Death Panels54. Nationalizing Banks55. Nationalizing US Industry56. Obama’s Massive Stimulus Failure57. Calling Tea Party Activists Racists58. New Black Panther Party Thugs empowered by Obama’s AG Holder59. Using the NAACP to spread Racist Propaganda60. Obama’s Dept Of Justice Refusing To Prosecute Black Racist Discrimination Against White People61. ACORN62. Dead People Voting As Democrats63. Calling Terrorism A Man Made Disaster64. Calling America a Muslim Nation65. Obama Giving One Billion Of Your Money To The Hamas Terrorists Of Gaza66. Bowing to the Saudi king of Terror67. The Obama Apology Tour68. Obama’s Marxist Czars69. Obama’s Muslim Czars advocating for Islamic Sharia Law in America70. Cap & Trade Tax71. agenda 2172. Obama’s Terrorist Appeasement73. The Islamization Of NASA74. Muslims exempted from Obamacare75. Obama’s Mistreatment Of Israel76. The NDAA to imprison Americans at will the New Start Treaty in Russia the 111th Democratic Congress77. Violating the rules of the U.S. House•78. Inappropriately handing out the legislative powers of Congress.79. Upending the legislative process Usurping the powers reserved to the states in the U.S. Constitution.80. Barack Obama has advocated that the nation should move beyond the constraints of the founding document .81.President Obama informed Congress and the American people that he and he alone will decide which laws coming to his desk are constitutional or not. 82.FEMA Camps 83.Obama mistreating our friends84. obama apologizing to afghanistanAmericans, hear what your president is saying: I’ll work within the system. But if they won’t move, then…I will dictate where we’re going.The arrogance of this man and the way he rewrites all of American historyand obama adds something new everyday ,, cause he never stops hurting our America.  Pray for our beloved Country!


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