October 29, 2012


When News is Government Propaganda

“The number one purveyor of disinformation in the modern world is the press. Although the deceptive, misleading or outright fabricated ‘information’ may have originated with the government or some other organization, once that ‘information’ makes its way to the ‘main-stream media’ and is packaged to the public as though it constituted independently researched, professionally reported ‘news’ — now you’ve got disinformation. [. . .]

“[M]ost — not some — members of the print media establishment with access to the White House submit their copy to government officials for review, ‘correction,’ and approval before it reaches the American people! [. . .]

“[Sometimes] quotations come back redacted, stripped of colorful metaphors, colloquial language and anything even mildly provocative. [Emphasis added.] [. . .]

“[Submitted articles] are sent by e-mail from the Obama headquarters in Chicago to reporters [. . .] [T]he press office has veto power over what statements can be quoted and attributed by name. [. . .]

“Quote approval is standard practice for the Obama campaign, used by many top strategists and almost all mid-level aides in Chicago and at the White House. [. . .]

“It was difficult to find a news outlet that had not agreed to quote approval, albeit reluctantly. Organizations like Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Reuters, and The New York Times have all consented to interviews under such terms. [. . .]

“What that means is this: When Americans read these reports — whether in newspapers, wire services or on the Internet — they are not really reading news stories at all. They are reading approved, pre-packaged press releases from the government and politicians. But even worse, they are not labeled as such. they are labeled as actual news. [. . .]

“It seems the biggest threat to the American tradition of a free and independent press is [. . .] the willing submission of the press to being handled and managed by government and politicians.”

— “Willing Accomplices,” by Joseph Farah, Whistleblower magazine, September 2012, pages 4-5.