Special thinking right

December 16, 2012

Thinking Right

Special Edition

Two-Hundred Ninety Children were killed in Connecticut last week! Police have found the body of the killer of twenty of them, Adam Lanza who murdered 20 helpless, innocent Children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Why this young man chose to commit such a heinous crime is yet to be discovered, but news reports say he had an extensive history of m relationship problems in and out of formal classrooms.  This is a terrible act, one that deserves our heartfelt sorrow and sincere prayer for the surviving parents and the shocked townspeople.  It is my prayer that the comfort of our Heavenly Father will be felt as He comforts the broken hearted and many will turn to him for the forgiveness and salvation he freely offers.

The other two-hundred seventy children were deprived of their lives, no less valuable than the twenty school children, by the legal killing of unborn children by Planned Parenthood, abortion clinics, doctors and hospitals.  I wonder if those medical workers who killed innocent lives will grieve over their deed that led to a lifeless child or just count it as the removal of an inconvenient mass of tissue while they grieve the loss of the 6 year-olds.  On the average, Connecticut reports 13,732 abortions annually, a figure the experts consider the minimum with many unreported abortions occurring, and in 2009 there were approximately 1.21 million abortions across our country.  My question is simple, who mourns for those children, who cries out for the government to “Do something” except make abortion ever easier, trying to reduce the number of children per family by advertising and coercion?

No gun killed those kids, a demented person did.  He deceived the school officials, used a fake ID and stole the guns from his mother who was among the first victims.  No amount of gun confiscation would have stopped this crazed soul; he could have used a knife, hatchet, machete or a hand-made bomb to accomplish this abominable deed.  Our problem is simply stated, it’s elementary in its simplicity: We as a society have done away with the idea of eternal punishment for sin by a just, righteous God in Heaven!  Instead of ‘gun control’ which violates the 2nsd amendment to our Constitution, lets remove the ‘thought control’ and restrictions which violate the First Amendment by letting Bibles distribution in Schools, Celebrate Christmas by allowing Nativity Scenes and Christmas Carols, letting the children know there is a God in Heaven who loves them and is anxious to give them eternal life.  Don’t blame the NRA, blame the ACLU; don’t blame the churches and organizations like the Gideons who distribute Bibles, blame the Atheists of America.  Remove the irrational fear of guns and teach the real fear of thought control that already permeates our public schools, textbooks and education professors!

I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right!