Quarantine Obama

November 6, 2014

Republicans must slap the “legislative shackles” on President Barack Obama and effectively “quarantine” him in Washington, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says.
“This is so necessary and overdue. It would be infuriating if the Republicans had not taken the Senate,” D’Souza said Wednesday on the “Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.
“Now, they’re in the position to politically quarantine this guy. What I mean by that is simply to put some legislative shackles on him and keep him under control and on his best behavior at least through the next election.”

D’Souza is serving an eight-month confinement at a halfway house for breaking campaign election law — after a prosecution he blamed on his criticism of Obama in an award-winning documentary he made.
Obama has threatened to exercise his executive power before the end of the year and legalize millions of illegal immigrants — but D’Souza said the president ultimately cannot do that.
“We live in a constitutional system in which we have a division of power between the Congress, executive branch and the judiciary branch,” he said.
“We’ve seen so much lawlessness from the part of this administration operating through the IRS, the Justice Department and the Obama White House. What the Republicans should be doing is thinking big.
“What I mean is appointing an independent prosecutor to start looking at the different divisions of the Obama administration to see where this political discretion has crossed the line into outright lawlessness, outright political targeting and outright going after Obama’s enemies. This has been going on unexamined now for years and the Republicans finally are in a position to do something about it.”
D’Souza believes the strong Republican showing on Tuesday shows American voters are snapping out of “a six-year slumber.”
“Obama, in some ways, inspired so much hope when he was elected. People were literally crying over in anticipation of Obama coming in. They’ve been crying ever since, but for a different reason,” he said.


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