Thinking Right

August 24, 2015

Thinking Right
September 2015
The Teacher, or writer of the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes, is the great King Solomon who asked God for wisdom instead of riches and received both. He points out that all nature and creation is filled with cycles, the water flows to the sea, evaporates into the earth’s atmosphere and falls again as rain, filling the rivers and going to the sea once again. Over the years since Noah’s flood, the water upon the earth has been recycled so that it has been reused more than once, in fact, the water you drank yesterday may have flowed down the Nile River in times past. The air is also recycled by God’s plan. All living beings inhale air absorb the oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, which is the waste product of your lungs, this is taken in by the leaves of the trees and all green vegetation who use the carbon dioxide and give off pure oxygen. Scientists argue about this, but the oxygen in your lungs may have been part of the atmosphere the Founding Fathers breathed in Independence Hall as they debated the declaration of Independence.
Politically speaking there are also cycles in mankind’s history. In the City-States of Greece, democracy flourished until some of the less than honest leaders began to “sell” their influence and learned to buy votes of citizens by government grants of money.
In our nation today we are completing a cycle that started with our origin as a Republic based upon Biblical precepts and have now come to the time when sin runs rampant upon the land, We are no longer a spiritual leader among nations following God’s precepts and we wonder why so many events in nature seem to be out of the ordinary. The cause is sin, the remedy is a return to Almighty Jehovah, the Creator of the earth who allows mankind to freely choose to turn to Him in confession and repentance or rejecting His call to return to His Biblical precepts.
Our Nation began with dedicated citizens who gave of their time and left their businesses and shops to be representatives of the people in The Congress, served for 2 to 6 years and returned to their businesses and trades to make their living. As time went on, a ‘professional politician’ came into being and stayed longer and longer in the capitol until they now represent their own self-interest and the interests lobbyists pay them to promote instead of their constituents. Voters now do not think of the Federal Government as representing them any longer, but as the entity who devises ways to let them live comfortably without taking a job and supporting themselves and their families. We have lost our original concept of small un-intrusive Federal government and welcomed the “Shadow Government” that oppresses us all in the name of progressive thought and fractured, easily controlled splinter groups. Can we repair and restore our Nation to its original Constitution based on Godly, Biblical principles? The 2016 election will tell us.
I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right


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