Thinking Right

November 2016

THE election is upon us!  We will vote for whomever we feel will be the best leader for our beloved Nation not just for the next four years, but for the next decade or more as the balance between a strict Constitutional Government and neo-Constitutional socialist ideology will be promoted by these Candidates and their selection of Federal Judges, including the Supreme Court.  I suggest you concentrate more on the platforms of the Republican and Democrat parties to accurately understand the vast difference in their governmental approach, than on the often-empty promises that cannot be unilaterally fulfilled.  Whomever is elected must join with Congress to enact lasting legislation – or autocratically change the vision of the nation by executive action alone, as has been the case with our current President.  Carefully consider the platforms and their positions on abortion, the family, our God-given rights that government can neither give us nor take away.  The entire Bill of Rights accepts the fact that these are natural, God-given rights, and removing them from our nation is to reject the teachings of His Word.

Remember, there is already a plan in place; God’s Plan!  It is a plan established before the creation of the universe and we have strayed far from it.  In God’s Word we read, “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you for your benefit, who leads you in the way you should go.  If only you had paid attention to My commands.  Then your peace would have been like a river,” Isaiah 48:17-18 The Bible also says we are not to be seduced, or lured away from His truth, He will not be ridiculed. Galatians 6:7

If we are to follow the Biblical admonition to respect our governmental leaders, then we are obligated to elect those whom we can wholeheartedly respect.  If you abhor the practice of unrestricted abortion, a party platform that defends changing our Scriptural beliefs in Biblical marriage, that advocates the destruction of the family and whose representative spouts filthy language like a leaky cesspool, then don’t vote for that party.  If in your own right-standing before God you cannot respect a party that desires lower taxes, more individual freedom, that guarantees the free exercise of your God-given rights to worship and defend your family, than don’t vote for the representative of that party.

Above all else, Citizen of the United States of America; vote!  Vote for candidates that represent your basic values, whose party supports those values, who will respect and defend your God-given rights under our Constitution and who are lovers of God and Country rather than lovers of money.  Millions of men have fought and died over the last 240 years to give you this privilege; do not dishonor their service by neglecting to make your voice heard.  The battle of November 8, 2016 is as important as the Battle of Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775.  Take your stand for freedom, standing tall in the long line of those who fought and died for your opportunity.  Under God’s direction and leadership vote on November 8, 2016.

I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right

Thinking Right

September 2016

As we listen to the ads on TV, look at the Presidential Candidates, we’re faced with a real dilemma.  One of the candidates is a congenital liar, we cannot trust a single word that comes out of her mouth.  The other major candidate identifies serious problems in the current government procedures, makes promises to solve or change these procedures but ignores or forgets the President needs the cooperation of both houses of congress as well as a Constitutionally Literate Supreme Court.  Our Nation’s health and welfare is a CCU patient, and the feuding doc’s are promising miracle cures.

Our current, outgoing President is a physician guilty of malfeasance who has horribly performed repeated surgeries on a patient who is on life support and whose condition is rapidly deteriorating.  Mr. Obama’s chosen successor, Hillary Clinton, is promising to carry on the same procedures, with a little ‘cutting and pasting’, (if I may mix my metaphors,) but we don’t know how or what she will do because of her failure to provide an accurate indication of her true intentions and the true status of her health.

Her antagonist, Donald Trump, is often guilty of ‘shooting from the lip,’ making a comment that is extreme, but clearly an answer to the problems facing the USA, and he is quick to respond to any and all verbal attacks in a vindictive manner.  His business acumen and success in business is clearly needed for a Nation who is suffering under an operating budget debt of $13.5 Trillion, a total budgetary debt of $66 Trillion and unfunded liabilities of $103 Trillion for a total indebtedness of approximately $182,500,000,000,000.00 (Count the zeros!)

We Christians must seek the best for our Nation and vote!  “I think Christians today have a similar obligation to vote in such a way that will “seek the welfare” of the United States. Therefore, the one overriding question to ask is this: Which vote is most likely to bring the best results for the nation?” Wayne Grudem, Christian Professor and Political Expert.  Scripture tells us to choose representatives who are truthful, of good reputation, not in the race for the money they can get out of it, and who most importantly, are likely to be open to the guidance of God the Holy Spirit.

Neglecting or forfeiting the opportunity to vote is not an option for anyone who cares for this Nation. Your failure to vote is a double vote, you are taking a vote away from the most qualified candidate, plus giving the lesser choice a better opportunity.  Pray seriously about your vote, ask your Heavenly Father for discernment and follow the direction of God the Holy Spirit when you enter the voting booth.

I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right

Manna in the Morning
Quiet Water
Psalm 23:2, “He lets me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters.
Recently I spent quite a bit of time overlooking a quiet body of water facing East as the sun went down behind me. Dark clouds of rain far away, clouds reflecting the sun’s setting rays, clear skies with small aircraft far above revealed to me why the Psalmist says that God leads us beside the quiet waters.
Our lives are dominated by time. 95% of North Americans wear a wristwatch to keep a close watch on the time; others carry a cell phone that is accurate to the second. During the work week, we keep a log of appointments, phone calls, office meetings and a myriad of things to do, leaving little time to quietly meditate on God’s Word or to spend an uninterrupted time in prayer. The Book of Ecclesiastes speaks of the drudgery work becomes when one’s life is consumed by the duties of the job or, the demands of the watch. The individual who does not put aside the time to reflect, relax and recharge his or her spiritual batteries by reading and meditating upon God’s Word will soon find the accumulation of this world’s meager treasures will not make up for the time lost that should have been spent on families and children.
Time, the Bible tells us, is a created thing, created by God to give us a sense of the seasons and years, not of the minutes and seconds. If it were possible to expand time, many people think of the added time placed in their career or business advancement instead of more time to devote to learning about and communing with our Creator. The slow pace of moving water, the solitude and closeness to the One who walked on the Water will quiet our souls and strengthen our spiritual being.
Jesus is our Good Shepherd, He knows our need to meditate upon God’s Word and if we follow His leading we will find there is plenty of time to be still and know He is still our Great God and Heavenly Father. Our gracious God and Heavenly Father, help us to use the time as You created it to be used, we ask this in Jesus’ name

Manna in the Morning
The Dash
2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
Recently I’ve seen a commercial on TV stressing the idea the dash is the time on earth between our birth and our leaving this earth. The dash is also a race of a measured distance, such as the 100-meter dash. The winner of such a race expends all his or her energy so that at the end of the dash they are as exhausted as a person who has run the mile. The Apostle Paul is writing a letter to his young protégé, Timothy declaring that he knows his life of ministry is coming to a close soon. Paul’s life as a missionary apostle was lived like the runner of a 100-meter dash; with all his energy, focus and ability, encouraging Timothy to do the same.
When we think of our lives here on the earth’s sod, we need to look at the dash, not as a leisurely, relaxed existence under God’s grace and love, hoping for a long dash between the dates on the tombstone, approaching life as a marathon. Perhaps we should live our lives a little more aggressively, burning our energy every day in serving our Lord God with all our might so we can win the race and have His commendation, “Well Done, faithful servant,” at the end of our earthly stay.
Our gracious Heavenly Father, give us the ability to win the spiritual battles in Your strength, finish our life’s race in triumph and that others will say of us, “They kept the course.” Keep using the center of Your will we plead in Jesus name.

Manna in the Morning
Yesterday’s Wind
Acts 27:4, “When we had put out to sea from there, we sailed along the northern coast of Cyprus because the winds were against us.”
Paul was on his final sea voyage to Rome. He had appealed a court decision to Caesar, his right because of his Roman Citizenship. He was under Roman guard, being transported to Rome to appear before what we today would call the Supreme Court. Even the Roman Empire was subject to the will and moving of God. Because they were in a sailing vessel, they were subject to the winds and after sailing into the wind, they put into port. Each day was a new run to put into another port as often as possible in order to avoid sailing at night. If there was no favorable wind, there was little forward progress, if the wind was brisk and coming from the East they made good progress. At the end of the day, however, there was no way to ‘save’ the wind for use the next day, as I once read, “Boats don’t sail on yesterday’s wind.”
This same concept applies to our Christian lives and our ministries. Many Believers reach their official retirement age and begin to withdraw from their working career and at the same time begin to limit their involvement in active ministry, depending instead upon what they accomplished in the past, withdrawing from active participation in many of the church programs, instead being content to be ministered to in their own lives. Paul did not ‘go inactive’ while he was on the boat or after he arrived in Rome, instead, he continued his person-to-person evangelism, engaging every person with whom he came in contact, including the guards, encouraging them to accept and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. In the same way, Christians do not retire; they may restructure their time or re-evaluate their abilities, but never withdraw from actively serving our Heavenly Father. Instead of bragging about how much we used to do, we need to preserve our strength to continue doing all we can today in the Lord’s work. they do not depend upon yesterday’s wind, they take advantage of the strength and abilities God gives us each new day. Our gracious Heavenly father, we ask You for the strength for today and guidance in all we do in Jesus’ name.

Manna in the Morning

Proverbs 3:5-8, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths. Don’t consider yourself to be wise; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. This will be healing for your body and strengthening for your bones.”
Solomon is known because he chose wisdom rather than riches when God gave him the choice and he ended up with both. These words show the source of wisdom for any who will read and obey them. First, Trust the Lord and depend upon His knowledge of all things past, present and future, instead of making decisions based solely upon our own incomplete, faulty, earthly based ideas instead of His wisdom that knows no bounds. If we consider Him in all we do, keeping Him paramount in our thoughts, read His Word and make His glory our foremost desire, He will lead us to the people who need to hear His voice through us, fulfilling our reason for existence; to bring great glory to Him.
There is also this promise; If we will live fully in Him, following the precepts of His word and hold our God in awesome reverential fear while keeping our eyes upon Him, not on the evil that surrounds us, we will have good health and strength so long as we live upon this earth. This is a benefit we should not ignore. The Great Physician, the Creator of our body, the One True God, source of wisdom and all that is good, promises us good health and strength if we follow His plan for our life without fail.
Heavenly Father, we seek to follow You, we trust You for health and strength for these earthly bodies until we have the celestial body You have promised us. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Thinking Right
February 2016
I am frustrated! It seems that every candidate for President of the United States; Republican, Democrat or Independent. are setting themselves up to become exactly the person they are accusing the other candidates of being. On the Republican side, all the prospective presidents have agreed to support the party candidate. This means they will, after the primaries, support the scurrilous, fibbing, distorting, flip-flopping man or woman they are now railing against. They’ll tell us the candidate that emerges, bloody and scratched is a true blue American, worthy of our support. The rancor and ugly petulance between the front-runners, threats he/she will pick up their marbles and walk away is only sending the smell of death to the wolves sniffing and salivating in the other party’s eagerness to continue the blood-letting in the general election.
My suggestion, for what it’s worth, is tell the voting electorate how you will attack our $19 Trillion short-term debt- how about almost $200 TRILLION unsustainable total indebtedness! Tell us what you will do about the spiritual war between Western Christendom and the Eastern Jihadism that is dedicated to destroying Western culture including Christianity and the US and Israeli Governments. Tell us what you will do to keep manufacturing in the US, providing jobs instead of letting them slip out of the Country. We need actual, identifiable, carefully crafted programs that have identifiable results, not wonderful promises that are as filled with hot air as the balloon festivals. All we’re hearing is the blast of the propane heaters, nothing of real substances. Probably the biggest danger to the United States of America today is the creeping, slimy, bloated morass of Government Bureaucratic Departmental Regulations falling to the left, destroying the environment they purport to preserve, bankrupting selected industries while favoring large donors to political candidates through unidentifiable sources.
Where is the Godly, moral, decent effort to correct a system that kills kids for profit and selling their ‘spare’ parts? Our Constitution never has stood for the right to kill infants, a concept specifically forbidden by God, sacrificing them to the Idol of self-satisfaction. Where is the reverence for our Creator God? We are allowing a 3-5% minority of our population to control the majority in pushing their humanist philosophy in legal interpretations and governmental, indoctrination centers called “Public Education.” It is not out of compassion the government wants the children to be in public schools from age two through University degrees on the Government’s over-extended credit card.
Candidates; get real, attack the hard problems, don’t be a pack dog seeking to be the Alpha by snarling, biting and chewing. Voters; Look in the Bible and see what God demands of elected representatives at every level. “You need to keep a sharp eye out for competent men — men who fear God, men of integrity, men who are incorruptible — and appoint them as leaders over groups organized by the thousand, by the hundred, by fifty, and by ten.” Ex 18:21-22 (from The Message) We need to pray about our Constitutional duty to vote, and follow the path that leads to the restoration of America, it may already be too late.
I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right

Thinking Right
October 2015
As we look to the next Presidential Election in 13 months, it is difficult to decide what particular problem we should consider first. Many are concerned that the Republican Party will nominate another of the Old Guard establishment, ignoring the massive uprising of the younger Party members who overwhelmingly are attracted to the more Conservative “Outsiders.” The top three in nearly every poll are candidates who have never held political office; a surgeon and 2 business executives.
On the other hand the Democrats are seemingly bound and determined to nominate a woman who has been embroiled in controversy and scandal for all the time she has been active in Washington. From the suspicions over the Vince Foster death, to various scandals over email, The Bengazi Embassy raid, private deals to ‘extort’ massive amounts of money for the foundation administered by a member of her family, and has for many, many years had her credentials to practice law revoked. At this time, her chief opponent in the primaries is an avowed Socialist who would take our Federal Government even further to the left, destroying what is left of our Constitution.
As Believers in Christ Jesus and students of His Holy Word, we seek guidance from our God and knowledge of where we are in His established timeline for this earth’s renewal into a new Heaven and a new earth. When we read some of Jesus’ last words before His death, burial and resurrection and the writings of the prophets, it is becoming clear that our time on this earth is rapidly coming to completion.
We need to galvanize Christians to vote intelligently, to pray for wisdom and for change in the direction in which our national government is headed. Our national shortfall in spending for this budget year is approaching $18.5 trillion more than our total national income. Immigration, unemployment and unconstitutional court decisions are forcing our Country into a desperately critical position. We must stop this leftist lurch in our government or the time will soon come when we no longer will have the freedom to express and share our Conservative and Biblical standards in the public square.
I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right
August 2013
Thomas Jefferson is often quoted as saying, “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.” As we look around us today, very few of us live in what may be called a rural area. We indeed are piled up like Thomas Jefferson feared, and our glorious Constitutional Republic is rapidly turning into a democratic Socialist State like much of Europe with chaotic economic and social conditions. We are rapidly losing more and more of our Constitutional Freedoms as the Federal Government usurps the powers of the States and the people. As we get closer to the 2016 elections, we need to carefully examine the attitudes, promises and proposals of every candidate, some of which are entirely unrealistic, if not impossible. Remember the Federal Government is a firmly entrenched bureaucratic behemoth and many if not the bulk of the oppressive grip of the Fed. is not the result of legislation, so much as the detailed regulations and requirements laid upon business and manufacturers by Executive Branch departments such as DEA, ICE, HSA, EPA, Education etc. Remember, in all the speeches and promises we’re hearing, when you vote for an incumbent or an individual who has been in either party’s leadership, you are perpetuating our current government. NOTHING WILL CHANGE!
In 2014, the Republicans took the majority of the Senate, the House and no meaningful legislation has been passed to curtail any of our current problems, in fact Immigration and other urgent threats have increased by inaction. DOMA continues to languish, neither re-affirmed nor repealed by legislative action, simply ignored while same-sex marriage is now the law of the land. This crack in the wall of the Mom and Dad Family established in Eden by Almighty God, will lead to almost any kind of “Commitment.” with devastating results. Yet we now are bound, not by duly argued and passed legislation of citizen representation, but by a decision of 5 liberal members of the Supreme Court that many people feel is part of the vast bureaucracy that truly is a “Shadow Government” now controlling our Nation. No longer does the registered citizen voter determine any election, there are so many illegal registrations, people voting in two jurisdictions, and even the requirement for a photo ID is rejected in many states because of big-government socialist pressure. Unregistered, many times non-citizen voters whose vote is swayed by payments of cash and even drugs by the liberal, anti-Constitutional cabal.
Our plans and action must increase in the next 15 months, with heartfelt prayer and action directed by our Great God, but we must always keep uppermost in our minds the fact that He has an ultimate, overall plan for our good as people, nation and the world-wide church and we must submit to that plan.
I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right June 2015
As I write on Memorial Day weekend, I consider what has happened to our nation since the end of WWII. Joy swept through the USA, first on VE day. Celebrating the surrender of the Axis powers. Little did we know of the cold war beginning with the USSR and the rapidly advancing threat of Communism in China and the rest of Asia. Then came the unconditional surrender of Japan on VJ-Day, celebrated on August 14-15. Americans thought, the end of the threats against our wonderful, victorious nation were defeated and we rejoiced, gave praise and thanks to our Heavenly Father for His guiding us to victory. That was 70 years ago, and how things have changed.
Still fearing the spread of atheistic, leftist Communism and its rising geo-political power we fought the armies of North Korea and China, finally reaching a point where a border line was reached on the Korean Peninsula, but no formal peace treaty or cessation was ever signed. Then our armed forces moved into Vietnam to fight the leftist hordes and finally left under siege and with no semblance of victory, just a total withdrawal. Communist sympathizers won, the humanist left took over our University and College Professorships and the seeds began to sprout, grow and bear fruit among the young people graduating, having learned their leftist lessons well from their professors and other educators, and considering their churches a part of their past.
Today we see the percentage of Evangelical Christians decreasing, Church attendance falling and Islam rising rapidly across the world and in the United States as men and women are seeking to fill the void in their lives after leaving Christian Churches and groups. Churches are drifting to the left in their theological positions with increasing interest in Chrislam, The Tri-Faith Initiative and other groups espousing “Interfaith” dialogs. Just this past week an Air Force General gave testimony to his faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and has been vilified and some Anti-Christian organizations have called for his Courts-Martial. Universities across the nation have declared that if there is a Christian group on Campus, they must allow non-Christians to run for office within those organizations, and major Social Studies textbook publishers demean Christianity and elevate Islam in their High School textbooks.
The time has come to stand for our Savior, Biblical values and actively oppose those that proclaim a false and misleading message regardless of the cost, being among those who will be standing triumphant when our Lord calls us up to our heavenly home.

Thinking Right
February 2015
What do you think is the greatest problem facing America? Is this problem faced in our Bible? Where; and what is the solution? OR, is there neither rhyme nor reason for our national troubles therefore there is no plan to follow, no advice to be taken and who cares?
When the United States was established, it was in a way no other nation has ever begun. Common men, colonists, printers, farmers, preachers and soldiers all united to form the United States, calling the concept of this unification of: “A more perfect Union, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This is the only time in history any part of a monarchy separated itself and became a democratic entity while the monarchy remained.
Our Nation was founded upon Biblical Values, but now things are far different. Our right to life has been placed beneath the evil practice of legal abortions, Ancient Israelites were forbidden to sacrifice their children to the idol Molech, but today they are sacrificed to the idea of personal gratification.
Liberty is fast becoming hard to find in the USA for the Bible-believing, evangelical Christian publicly declaring his or her faith and belief in God’s original plan of marriage between one man and one woman, and declaring Sodomy the sin for which the city of Sodom was destroyed by fire and brimstone out of heaven.
Our Law system was once based upon certain concrete values of what is right and what is wrong, both in the hearts of men and women and in Biblical truth. Today this is superseded by case law, defined as “As opposed to statutes—legislative acts that proscribe certain conduct by demanding or prohibiting something or that declare the legality of particular acts—case law is a dynamic and constantly developing (evolving) body of law. Each case contains a portion wherein the facts of the controversy are set forth as well as the holding and dicta—an explanation of how the judge arrived at a particular conclusion. In addition, a case might contain concurring and dissenting opinions of other judges.” This is no more than Darwinism as applied to law, an ever changing and evolving concept balanced on an unsound foundation.
The pursuit of happiness means having your personal point of view on any subject overcome Biblical values and be ‘politically correct.” The only people who do not have the right to have their views protected is the white, evangelical follower of Jesus Christ.
I’m Vance, and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right
October 2014
The Handwriting on The Wall
The enemy has breached the wall and is now among us. At least 100 former ISIS Jihadist fighters have returned to the United States, are known by the FBI and DHS, and chances are, the Government doesn’t know where half of them are. Once a citizen has joined an enemy and fought against the US, their passport and visas should immediately be revoked so they have no way of reentering the Country.
The Border Patrol in the Southwestern States has stated they have found prayer mats, Korans, Jihadist literature and clothing abandoned on the paths leading into the US, and one enterprising journalist had himself photographed as he went back and forth over the US/Mexico border dressed in the Jihadist uniform, including the full face covering and carrying their black flag. Within the last month 2 ISIS flags were found on the White House fence. Three members of the Afghan Army were receiving training in New York State, went AWOL and were found later trying to illegally cross over into Canada. There are scores of Islamist training camps buried in the mountains and less populated areas of the United States, where regular gunfire and explosives are heard, but whose gates are guarded and entry forbidden.
Now the beheading in Oklahoma by a fanatical Muslim who was born and educated in the US, but converted to Islam, probably during a prison term, has brought the gruesome reality of what we are facing directly to the center of our homeland. Work-place violence? Yes, but a beheading perpetrated by a Muslim who chanted Arabic phrases as he carried out this horrendous deed. Promises made by ISIS that they will “See you in New York,” have concerned every citizen
The Biblical implications are momentous. Jesus promised there would be warning signs; Wars, earthquakes and other geological events, famines, plagues, unusual signs in the sun and moon, all telling us that our Lord is soon going to call us out of the evil turmoil of this earth to join Him in the Heavenly Places.
With new allegations rising of Dereliction of Duty in Bengazi and the “Fast and Furious” out-and-out disastrous attempt to “Cook the Books” and force gun control by the ATF’s outright illegal actions in addition to the illegitimate use of the IRS to shut down the voices warning the nation of the impending dangers, it appears the President is acting as if he’s paralyzed and unable to come to grips with the severe problems facing our beloved Nation. Politically it appears that the President wants to have a new AG appointed so Eric Holder could be nominated to the Supreme Court, guaranteeing an ultra-liberal Justice who could serve for decades, showing Obama’s determined efforts in keeping a liberal, progressive voice on the Supreme Court is more important to him than our safety on a day-to-day basis. With the extremely dangerous Jihadist coalition of attacks in Iraq, Syria and growing daily, our forces in the Mideast are badly outnumbered and the promise of domestic attacks grows more alarming with every passing day.
I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right
September 2014
It seems like everyone is talking about the vile police system in Ferguson, MO and the poor innocent 18 year-old boy killed that night. Here are some things to consider about the turmoil of that horrible night.
First, our Constitution says in Amendment I, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The people, the Citizens of Ferguson, MO, had every right to assemble, but not those ‘professional’ protesters bussed into the area by various organizations. The Constitution, in Amendment One, is clear that the protests are to be peaceable, not destroying property, breaking into businesses and looting stores, destroying the livelihood and lives of innocent store-keepers who serve the area. There is no question of the Constitutional Right to Assemble so long as it is peaceable, with no other expression except voices and signs. Molotov cocktails, bottles whether empty or filled with toxic substances, bodily assault are not Constitutional rights, they are infractions of Civil Law.
Second, everyone who is assaulted by another person is not stripped of his or her right of self-defense because of the color of their skin, whether or not they wear a uniform or are exercising their Second Amendment Right to carry a weapon. Officer Wilson had every right to respond to being punched in the face, suffering facial injuries and cracked bones. He had, according to most accounts, told two men to stop impeding traffic by walking down the middle of the street, well within his exercise of police powers, was ignored and when he again spoke to the two, aggressor Mike Brown hit him in the face, causing the return gunfire from Officer Wilson.
The designation “African-American,” used by many of these professional agitators, including Al Sharpton, seems to give the impression their African roots are preferred to their American Citizenship. If an individual used the designation Caucasian-American, implying some type of special status, I’m sure Al Sharpton and others would be the first to excoriate them for being separatists. It is a good, honorable thing to be proud of one’s heritage! Perhaps the term “American of African descent,” could be used since we are all proud Americans and should be united in our government, love and service of Country and revering our Founding Documents. In 1776, a person who considered himself as a “Hyphenated-American,” would not have been welcomed into the new Nation.
As Citizens of the United States of America we can stand proudly among the nations of the World, each one of us judged, not by what he or she takes from Government in misnamed ‘entitlements’, but on what we have contributed to this great Nation, thus fulfilling the dream of Martin Luther King. Citizenship something to be revered and sought for; it is not something to be demanded once you’ve climbed the fence.
I’m Sundogger and I’m thinking Right

Thinking Right
August 2014
6 C’s
While most of us keep a rather low profile and have little interpersonal relationships with Cops, there are signs that Law Enforcement in some areas is becoming more uncaring and callous. The video on the internet recently of a Police Lieutenant who deliberately overturned the wheelchair of a paralyzed man and walked away was uncalled for, and the choke hold applied to a man that later died of a heart attack was definitely uncaring. One thing that concerns me is the militarization of our civilian police force with para-military swat teams, heavy military equipment, etc. I know there many good, kind, caring police officers, but the belligerency is increasingly frequent.
The Courts are filled with Judges who think they can overturn the laws and referendums passed by legislators and citizens on their personal feelings, even contradicting each other on the same issues. Our Courts, State and especially Federal, must rule on the basis of passed legislation and The Constitution of the United States and nothing else. With lifetime appointments, Federal Judges have assumed the role of lawbreakers and consider themselves the lawmakers instead of legislators.
Our Congress has been all but inactive on all the usurpations of power within the Executive Branch with the Senate Majority Leader refusing to consider any legislation passed by the House if it contradicts his interpretation of what is good for the Democrat Party, forget the good of the Nation.
Currently there are at least 44 Czars placed over various areas of the U S Economy and Executive Departments. These are unofficial, have not been approved by Congress, report only to the President and many have divided loyalty, being members of the Islamic Brotherhood and other organizations. Along with their staffs, all of whom receive significant salaries creating a huge expenditure that could be eliminated. Is this the skeleton of a shadow government poised to assume power if the President declares Martial Law?
There are many Characters running around the halls of Government that baffle us. Valerie Jarrett, where did she come from and what responsibilities does she have that are unwritten, Lois Lerner whose emails just ‘disappeared” along with her correspondents, Eric Holder, Harry Reid and others whose names appear now and then.
Finally the Correspondents, the Press. Are there no men and women in the ‘main line press’ that can see through the deceptions and deliberate misleading statements of the Politicians? Why are we now the weakest nation militarily, why do we give so much money to our enemies, how did this happen, what can be done about it and who can we trust?
Oh yeah, one final ‘C’ – Corruption in the highest levels of Government
I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right

November 2013

            Shortly after Mr. Obama took office in 2008, he stated that America is not now a Christian Nation, but a nation that recognizes all faiths as a way of life that is equally valid, even people without faith.  Over the past few months we have seen not only a demeaning of Christian values and worship, but a bias against the Christians and our Savior here in our Nation that was founded upon Godly principles and once revered God’s Word.
A Baptist pastor in Colorado recently lost his wife to cancer and ordered a grave stone to be placed on her grave in the city owned cemetery with the ancient Christian symbol of the Ichthus fish  with the name ‘Jesus’ in the center.  The City Manager who must approve all engravings on the city owned cemetery, stated the name of our Redeemer, Jesus, could not be placed on the headstone because it was divisive and would offend some of the City’s residents.

            When a service was held for the Navy Seals killed in Afghanistan in August, 2011 as the bodies were placed in a helicopter beginning their long transport to their homes, no prayer mentioning our Jehovah God could be mentioned, and to pacify the Afghanis, a Muslim cleric intoned an prayer in Arabic that denigrated the service and lives of these American Heroes, but called them infidels, fighting against the pure ideology of Islam.

            Here in America, the Chairman of CAIR, the council on American-Islamic relations, is quoted as saying, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”  During the period of time of the “shut-down” of roughly 17% of Government services, Air Force Chaplains were forbidden to hold voluntary services, including Communion and other rites or risk being fined and/or imprisoned.  Recently a group of teen-agers were visiting Washington DC on a tour and stopped at the Lincoln memorial, where a spontaneous silent prayer time occurred.  They were forcibly told to stop immediately or they would be arrested by a Police Officer.

            The ACLU raises uproar over any mention of God in our public schools, but looks with approval upon time allotted for Islamic prayer.  It is apparent that our Government, especially the Executive Branch is trying to abolish the Christian faith and the practice of our beliefs in the public square, President Obama said, in a recent speech, that “Christian and Catholic schools are among the most divisive institutions in America.”

            We in Christian Coalition of Pinellas County should rise up and declare our allegiance to the America we once served and remember so well and calling for revival along with millions of others in Billy Graham’s “My Hope America” this November.

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right

October 2013

Are We Under Martial Law

            Many law enforcement agencies, including County sheriffs, City Police Forces, even those of moderate or small size cities and towns plus other entities like college campuses, State and Federal agencies including ICE, HDF and others are taking advantage of the massive amounts of tanks, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, heavily armored vehicles and drones  available from the Defense Department because of the decreased involvement in shooting wars giving them the physical equipment designed for armed conflict not municipal policing.

            Add to this the specific SWAT Teams, and other specially trained squads prepared for offensive operations, not simply keeping the peace in the municipality.  Then add in the police training, emphasizing the danger of their work, common use of the tasers, even in passive arrests and upon juveniles, and the air is charged for explosive violence.

            Just in the past few weeks, police responding to a report of an intruder in a gated community killed a man running toward them with both hands waving in the air because they “Felt their lives were in danger.”  He was running to get them to help in an accident on a nearby street.  A four-year-old boy was arrested, handcuffed and restrained because he “Stiffened up as in resistance” when approached by a police officer, not in uniform, but in full military SWAT gear with flak vest who shouted at the child to stop immediately.  There are more than one report of SWAT teams breaking down doors to residences at 3 or 4 AM when occupants do not immediately respond, shooting men who appear with a weapon in a hallway, then finding out he was defending his family while the police were at the wrong address, even as much as a mile from the house where they were to serve a warrant for relatively minor offences such as child support or other civil matters.

            Our City Police officers are in the main, courageous, compassionate and competent and indeed, in danger but are no longer the ‘friend’ our parents told us to run to when threatened.  They are trained to be suspicious of everyone approaching them no matter the circumstance or appearance.  No longer do they walk the beat, they may patrol on bicycle, but are not the friendly face we used to know, nor do they want to be.

            The stakes are high, but if it continues, the Law Enforcement Agencies might just as well be renamed as the Federal Police, since the bulk of their armament comes from the Fed’s not the local taxes.  Let’s pray for LEO’s, for their safety, for wisdom in rapid decision making and for a return to a friendlier, less aggressive, militaristic appearance in local law enforcement.

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right


Thinking Right

September 2013

            Recent decisions by the justice Department and other Federal agencies have declared that if any student in a public School, more accurately described as Government Indoctrination Centers (GIC), can feel free to use any restroom, depending upon the ‘gender’ he/she feels like assuming at the time, regardless of the sign on the door or the anatomical physiology he/she possesses.  All textbooks used by the GIC’s stress as scientific fact the concept of Darwinist evolution, the Standardized Tests will not accept a Creationist point of view, and the current decree from the Federal Department of Education, the so-called Common Core Curriculum, is riddled with liberal humanism, evolution and embraces the concept of a united world government.  This is what our taxes fund and provide for the indoctrination of young, impressionable minds.  Our President is quoted as saying, “Catholic and Christian Schools are divisive” and should not teach our children.  Homeschooling is under fire from the Federal Justice Department attempting to destroy parental rights, as well as the concept of local control over education, making the local School Board totally dependent upon Federal grants and budgetary controls.

            Why not allow conscientious parents who wish to provide a better education for their children be given a voucher for the average amount spent on one child per year, money that has come from their personal tax loads, to use as they see proper in their children’s education?  This is the Voucher System so vehemently opposed by the Teacher’s Unions and the political Establishment.  First, it is next to impossible for anyone to get tax money from politically dominated legislatures because no politician wants to let a single tax dollar escape from his fingers. Second the Unions do not care for the children, they only care about the stream of tax money coming in to fund their excessive retirement benefits and ever lower work load for their members.  Third, the desire of the humanist bureaucracy within the Federal Education Department to enroll all students as young as two-year olds in day care within the control of the school systems in order to achieve their goals of ‘equalizing’ homosexuality, same-sex fraternization, turning children away from Biblical Values and the God-honoring institution of a mother and father united in marriage and espousing these God ordained societal values.

            Create a system where the money earmarked for education follows the child wherever the parents decide that child should be educated.  Instead of putting the Union Bosses first, let’s put the child’s best interests first and foremost.        

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Disclaimer: As an educator, I have spent nearly 50 years within the framework of the Christian School movement.

Thinking Right

July, 2013

            On globe-trotting trip to visit various areas of Europe, Mr. Obama and his family spent over a million of America’s hard-earned money, causing the expansion of our national total unfunded liabilities to over $125.5 Trillion. (  In addition to his malfeasance in irresponsible money management, our chief executive made a deal with China that gives them a direct access into our food supply, intellectual property which they steal as well as our money supply which they counterfeit anyhow.

His discussion with Vladimir Putin ended badly on every front with Putin’s disdain of Obama clear on his face when in their joint press conference; Putin remarked that of course he, as Russia’s President has a clearly different message than America’s President and later said he considered Obama as weak and inconsequential.  He mis-names frequently highly placed government officials in Europe, gives the impression he: A. doesn’t care; B, doesn’t know; C, he’s under the influence of mind-altering substances, (rumored among staffers) to be his occasional outlet; or D, any or all of the above.

After receiving nothing but negative reactions from friend and foe alike for his concept and handling of foreign affairs, his Cabinet is embarrassing the Obama Administration here at home.  Ms Sebelius, who currently oversees the available organ transplant list acted as a one-woman death panel when she refused to alter the non-binding rule disallowing adult lungs for older children.  After being overruled by a Federal Court, she maintained her earlier stand was the only correct interpretation under the Obamacare rules.  Eric Holder, the chief law-enforcement officer in the U S as Attorney General, is under increasing pressure to resign from his Office by Conservatives, the Congress including Democrats, even members of his own Department for lies, deceptions, misuse of resources in order to imbed a liberal, humanist philosophy in the Justice Department.  Cries are getting louder for his dismissal or impeachment for malfeasance in office.  The State Department under Secretary Kerry is feeding arms and money to those who use both against us, who refuses to allow serious investigation of the Bengasi incident where our Ambassador was killed, looking as though he takes his orders directly from Hillary Clinton instead of the White House.  The list goes on!  From a neutral, outside point of view the Obama Administration is a disaster in freefall.  How long will it be allowed to continue?

Today the Supreme Court decided to open the flood gates of homosexual activity to flood our Nation.  The only reason the U S Will not feel the immediate judgment levied upon Sodom and Gomorrah is the evangelical Christians in our country.  So long as we are here, let’s proclaim the truths of God’s Word.

What can we do as concerned Christian Citizens?  First, pray, register to vote and pray harder. Second, stand up and be vocal, use all means of communication; social networks, blogs, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, making you views known among those with whom you have dinner with and the list goes on.  Third, use your vote to clean house in Washington.  In this revolution our ballots are our bullets!

I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right!

Thinking Right

June 2013

The Wheels are starting to fall off the pretty red wagon President Obama rode into the white house in 2009 and repainted in January of 2013, the paint is peeling and fading, the rear wheels have come off and the front wheels no longer respond to the steering bar.  The IRS scandal is beginning to grow and everyone, including the Attorney General is giving twisted, evasive answers, or feigning ignorance.  Deliberate delay and inappropriate if not downright unconstitutional questions have been asked of Obama’s outspoken critics, including “What was the content of your prayers,” look for a Congressional investigation, resignations and a possible impeachment.”

The scandal regarding secret wiretapping and subpoenas issued regarding the Associated Press and then Fox News by the Justice Department is a direct, clear, unquestionable violation of the First Amendment, yet Attorney General Holder is pushing on as if he is the law maker and interpreter instead of enforcing only what Congress passes.  Both Holder and Obama exhibit arrogance and or ignorance of what’s going on.  This administration is heading for impeachment or resignation without a severance package at the very least.

The steering has been badly damaged because of the “Fast and Furious” debacle and cover-up with lying at all levels of the Federal Law enforcement including the Attorney General in a poorly disguised effort to pass Gun Control Legislation.  Men have died and the responsible supervisors have been moved up the chain of command in an effort to make it more difficult for Congress to Subpoena them.  The Administration’s distain and hatred toward the Second Amendment is seen, not only in the disastrous Fast and Furious operation, but in the promotion of the UN Gun Control Treaty Obama has indicated he will soon sign.

The front wheels fell off long ago, and the whole wagon rusted out with the Benghazi terror attack, denied, blaming a U-tube video instead of naming the clearly terrorist roots of the attack, then ignoring the cries for help from the Americans later killed in that attack.  The President, the Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton are deserving of impeachment because of malfeasance of duty over this disaster, if nothing else.  Now new information is coming forward indicating that once again, gun-running may have been involved by our government.

How long do we wait?  When will our Representatives and Senators begin to do their duty, holding  hearings, issue impeachment papers and start reining in a rampant, out-of-control administration.  The Bible Book of Judges clearly states that the men and women who ignore God’s Word and “Do what is right in their own eyes,” are to be put out of office and the Nation repent, restoring a Godly foundation.  We have a Constitution and Bill of rights that are routinely ignored, let’s enforce them word by word.                                                                                                                                                                 I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right!                            

Thinking Right

March 2013

            In the words of my old shipmate, Popeye the Sailor, “That’s all I can stands; I can’t stands no more!  Not very good English, but the sentiment is exactly what I feel at this point.  Our leaders, or should I say, elected (Nobody’s really leading,) Senators and the President are quibbling about what to do in the face of the coming budget cuts.  Our President is determined not to cut anything from his spending agenda, the Senate has not voted on a budget for four years, yet the Democrat majority blindly follows his footsteps like the rats following the Piper, taking our Nation over the cliff and into the maelstrom of financial ruin of not just a 16.5 trillion dollar current debt, but a total unfunded financial obligation of $123 Trillion, (go to the debt clock, this figure is already stale.)  This is not merely party loyalty by Harry Reid following a President who uses poor judgment; it appears to be a deliberate attack on our nation’s prominence on the world scene and a treasonous plan of action to reduce us to a fourth rate nation, letting the outflow of foreign aid bleed us of all recourses.

Add in the determined desire to disarm our populace under the fallacious claim “To save the children,” when our economic bombshell will enslave our children and children’s children in financial bondage for their entire lives.  It is the absence of defensive guns that took those lives at Sandy Hook, Columbine and Aurora. Gun restriction is like a constrictor snake swallowing you up one tiny bit at a time until you’re completely engulfed.  Never did the warnings of our Nation’s Founders ring so ominously in our ears as now.  Finally look at the voter fraud and deliberate unlawful activity of some of our long-time, established members of Congress whose votes are bought like stolen jewelry at a flea market.

The solution is simple, give the Conservative members of the House of Representatives some reinforcements and a veto-proof majority, Kick out every jackass (Democrats chose this symbol) and zebras, (jackasses with a different stripe,) and have a conservative veto-proof Senate in 1214 or America as we knew it will be too far gone to recover.  Of the 535+/- members of Congress, nearly 470 will stand for re-election in the next election.  Either Conservatives take over ikn’ or we’ll be encased in a Boa Constrictor of debt, having followed the Piper into the whirlpool of once great nations now forgotten.  As Popeye would say, “Ya takes yer choice.)

“I’m Vance, and I’m Thinking Right!”

November 2012

As I sit down to write Thinking Right for this month, I am looking for more than the usual encouragement to vote Biblically and convince others.  There is no doubt we need to vote in accordance with Biblical values, we should be encouraging others to do the same and raise up righteousness in our Nation.  In my study of God’s Word in preparation for this column, I ran across these verses.  I want you to read them to yourself, aloud, share them with others and commit to reading this passage daily from now until Inauguration Day.

“When the Lord your God drives the previous inhabitants out before you, do not say to yourself, ‘The Lord brought me in to take possession of this (government) because of my righteousness.’ Instead, the Lord will drive out these others before you because of their wickedness. You are not going to take possession of the (government) because of your righteousness or your integrity. Instead, the Lord your God will drive out these others before you because of their wickedness, in order to keep the promise He swore to your (Founding) fathers.”  Deuteronomy 9:4-5 (Adapted by VRL)

            Plead for our country and that God will indeed drive out those who disregard God’s Word and are anxious to engage in practices of which good moral people do not approve, nor do they practice.  Pray that our society would denounce such activities as homosexuality which God calls an abomination before Him, sexual impurity and display.  We don’t have to be puritanical in our attitude and actions, but display modesty and good judgment so the practice of killing our preborn children will no longer be considered acceptable in this Nation.

Ask God for His Righteousness to be seen in this Nation. And, as this passage declares so clearly, not because of our own righteousness because we have none except in the righteousness of our God.  Ask for a wave of His righteousness to sweep through the U S driving out before it the unrighteous deeds, actions and attitude of unrighteousness.  Let the Attitude or mind set of our Lord God drive our thoughts and efforts as we approach this election.  Finally let Your heart be untroubled as you place your faith in Him and His ability to make His will known and accomplished on November 6th, thwarting every plan of the wicked until Inauguration Day when they leave the halls of government. Plead for AMERICA, His righteousness be seen, His attitude be in us as we vote and Your heart and mine trust Him for the victory.

I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right!

Thinking Right

October, 2012

I recently observed a young teacher, just out of college, who was assigned to a middle school social studies class.  The teacher, desiring to be well liked by the entire class, relaxed the classroom rules of etiquette and behavior, allowing the students to get by with minor infractions, and soon the more brash students began to ignore the teacher, not prepare for class, talked during the lesson time and didn’t turn in what little homework the teacher assigned. Before long the teacher didn’t know what to do next; wanting desperately to be liked by the class, the teacher began to bribe the students with little rewards for those who did their work, soon realizing there was little if any respect in the classroom for the teacher, threats of discipline were ignored, and behavior was uncontrollable.  At the end of the semester, every student was given a passing grade and a new class came in expecting the same treatment as the former.  Because student behavior was a real problem, the teacher, in deep difficulty, finally accepted the fact it was time to leave and find another way to make a living.

While this little story is fiction, it gives the exact problem of our current President and his attempt at handling Foreign Policy.  To be fair, he warned us what to expect, telling us if we elected him, he would make the entire world our friend and things would be rosy.  Blaming previous administrations for ineptitude and harsh treatment of some of the Nations, as President, he blithely put on his happy-time face and took a world apology tour, attempting to right the wrongs only he perceived.  The result is evident.  Our one time friends are disgusted with the treatment and insults they received, those, like Israel, that depended upon our strength bracing them against threats and rebel uprisings have found the supports hollow and can no longer be trusted.   The bullies of the world, the Jihadists, and their cousins the Muslim Brotherhood, have toppled governments we used to depend upon to at least be neutral, if not on our side, they infiltrated our government, and spit in our face by killing our Ambassador and others, set fire to our embassies, raised the Al-Quida flag over our territory and are threatening to take us into the dark alley and give us a ‘real’ beating.

IT IS TIME to fire the President, his entire Washington gang and if it isn’t already too late, re-establish our position of power and benevolent strength across the globe.  Vote out every Democrat and if the Republicans don’t get the message, there is another election in two years and we’ll put in true Patriots who love this Nation.  Vote out all who swear allegiance to the Party that wanted God out of their Platform, and act like it.  They are the party of lies and misinformation and I’m tired of it!

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right!

Thinking Right

August 2012

There are many others more qualified to speak to the issues of the shooting at Aurora,
Co.  Still I wish to comment on the Colorado tragedy.  This shooter, who I choose not to name and thereby add to his infamy, chose his target with care.  This theater operated under the rules and regulations of its parent group, Cinemark – owner of the Aurora theater, declaring its premises as ‘Gun Free” zones.  This in reality, makes the theatre a “Killing Zone,” for the sick mind anxious to kill, knowing there will be no one present to fire back.  Without that restriction, there would have been several men and women in the group that have Concealed Carry Permits and would have been able to take this sorry sample of depravity out of action.  Little media attention is given to another Aurora killer who entered a Church determined to kill the members, but was stopped immediately by members with Concealed Weapons Permits. Examine the mass shootings: how many were in schools, churches or other gun-free zones?  Even Rep. Gifford was in a gun free zone since there were to be no guns within 1500 feet of her presence.  Mayor Bloomberg and his group of sycophants should realize by now that restricting gun ownership by legally qualified citizens is always followed by a rising crime rate, particularly homicide.  The criminal element and gangs counter this by gun stashes so they do not carry until they pick a store or individual as a victim, then arming themselves.  If President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Mayor Blumberg and the gun-control people win their battle to ratify the UN Arms Treaty against the specific language in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, the law abiding civilian population will be disarmed, leaving the Government Agents INCLUDING the IRS Agents and the criminals with firearms, and the law abiding people carrying rocks.  We would be better served tightening the restrictions on those like Major Nassan who have known psychological problems and should be placed on the NICS gun restriction list instead of letting these people purchase weapons then mingle in society without restriction under the fine sounding but wrong concepts of liberals in the government and the American Psychiatric Association who oppose such access to their patient’s record, anxious to avoid a social stigma.

More fuel for criminal gun use is laid at the feet of the entertainment industry, Video games filled with criminal activity, including killings and violent gun usage.  Movies, TV shows and novels have become more graphic in the last few years with little clarity between the evil and the good.  Never forget, when evil is passively accepted, evil takes a toll.  Florida residents are fortunate, having more freedom in the legal possession and carrying of firearms than many other states.  If you are a citizen, have no felonies or other court actions against you, consider receiving the training then purchase a firearm and qualify for a Concealed Weapon Permit..  More firearms in the hands of qualified men and women, means less killing in society and the so called gun-free zones.  Incidentally, George Zimmerman had a Concealed Carry License, while Trayvon Martin had felony arrests on his copious record.  The press has turned Martin into a poor, teenaged saint, and Zimmerman into the evil avenger.

Thinking right

June 2012

What can we expect over the next five months and our votes are cast?  Will the election be close?  Will the conservatives win or will the same old Washington, D C crowd be in control?  I don’t know any more than any of you and a lot less than some of you, especially those who think they have seen and heard it all.  Yet there are a few things that are seen quite apparent to me.  First, there is an upwelling among the voting population that real change, of the right and proper sort, must occur.  There is no doubt this will be a close election, much closer than any conservative would like to see it.  The lines between capitalism and socialism are clearly drawn in the two candidates.  Obama promises more government, tighter control, increased regulations and a close supervision of every citizen.  If he has his way, the legal, law-abiding citizen will have no means to defend themselves while law-breakers who do not care will have the weapons and never hesitate to use them.  Our economy will be rigidly controlled in Washington and even your choices in personal health care severely restricted.   The United States will become bankrupt, and begin paying exorbitant taxes to the UN which will morph into a world government.  Romney, on the other hand will attempt to fulfill his campaign promises to remove many of the onerous regulations put in place by the Obama Administration, keep taxes low and repeal Obamacfare[ but find it hard to work with Congress who, in all likelihood, will be much more sharply divided between the GOP and Democrats with narrow majorities.

The biggest problem Mitt Romney and the American public faces, however, is the political system itself.  Because there are no term limits on legislators, some of the long term Senators and representatives have garnered power well beyond their Constitutional limits and regardless of party have banded together in a loose fraternity I call the ‘empty suits or GOB, the Grand Old Boys,” they rotate Committee assignments and Chairmanships, reach side agreements and do what is right in their eyes, not for the Country or the poor, mere voters who re-elect them term after term because the GOB Club controls entry into the senate and House of Representatives through the State party organizations and  nomination processes.

Think hard and pray harder before you vote.  Let’s elect men and women who will remain dedicated to the Nation, responsive to the electorate, and Fear the Lord God Almighty, seeking His wisdom and direction in every vote.

I’m Vance. And I’m thinking Right

Thinking Right

January, 2012

You’ in a Heap o’ trouble!

Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ that no ‘patriotic German’ could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.  Written by a German Professor commenting upon the slow incremental actions of Hitler’s Government that lead to totalitarianism

As we come to the end of 2011 with the many events that have occurred, storms, earthquakes in strange places, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, civil disruptions across the world, deception and misleading statements at the highest levels of our government, dictators deposed and/or killed, the death of Kim Jong-il, riots across the Mideast, we can look at the quote and say, “Why didn’t I notice then what I see now?”  As evangelical believers we are in a unique position to see and understand what is occurring.  In Ezekiel’s Book, we are told we are watchmen on the wall, and are to report any encroachment by the enemy.  When Ezekiel wrote this, invading Armies were blockading the roads and paths leading to Jerusalem, and were quietly waiting for the word to sweep in against the city; therefore Ezekiel’s words of warning were recognized and understood by the Israelites, Ezekiel’s target audience.  In Matthew 24 Jesus said, “Watch for the beginnings of the birth pains, leading to a seven year period of unimaginable grief upon the earth.

Today we are looking from the tower at 2012 and see the ever-expanding, voracious Federal Government eating away at our American Way of Life, even to telling us what light bulbs we can buy, and how many fluid ounces of water we can use to flush our toilets and limiting our electrical power production, then Congress giving the President power to arrest and detain American Citizens without trial for extended periods of time..  It’s not even a week since the US Troops left Iraq and today deadly bombings rock Bagdad in a coordinated attack killing at almost 100 people and wounding over 200 to show who’s now in control of Iraq, and it’s not the democratic government we were told is taking over.  Syrian Government Security forces have killed at least 160 people just before UN observers visit the country and the Islamist forces, including the Islamic Brotherhood are taking increasingly powerful positions in Egypt bringing them closer to the brink of open warfare against Western forces by the Militant Islamists.

As the representatives of our God and Savior to this earth it’s time to blow the trumpet, sound the alarm, ring the fire bell and call the celestial 911 for God’s intervention.  The protective walls have been breached, our President has opened the protective gates inviting in the abominations that caused God to look away from ancient Israel: The sacrifice of our children on the altar of convenience, the disregard for the holiness of marriage as the chief cornerstone of our society and the sin that sunk Sodom to infuse our society, not just without restraint but with preferential status in our schools and medical fields.  Our nation will fall to its detractors, in truth, America is no longer the Nation and we are not the people of just 25 or 30 years ago.

It is time to focus on the election of 2012, pray without ceasing, call upon every person seeking election this year to vow to rebuild our Godly walls against every invasion of godless influence not to compromise our vote and choose the ‘lesser of two evils.’   Every one of us should arm ourselves with the “Sword of the Spirit,” stand in the middle of the broken wall of protection and let the length and breadth of this nation know we are going to win this battle under the mighty hand of our Omnipotent God.

I’m Vance and I’m thinking right

Manna in the Morning



Psalm 109:30, “I will fervently thank the Lord with my
mouth; I will praise Him in the presence of many.  For He stands at the right hand of the needy.”

I know that
Thanksgiving Day is over a month away, but we should never let a day go by in
our lives without counting our blessings from the Heavenly Father and thanking
Him for His mercy and grace.  True
thanksgiving is a state of mind, it is a recognition that all we are, have or
could ever hope to accomplish in this earthly life is due to Our Heavenly
Father and His abundant gifts to us.  Each
day as we open our eyes and see the sun rise on the eastern horizon we have an
abundance of God’s grace and gifts of mercy and the more we use these gifts,
the greater will be the supply.  God
gives us the life sustaining oxygen with each breath we take, He provides us
with opportunities to bless the lives of others in His name.  We often take for granted the fact that God
uses us to further His kingdom by preparing our hearts, teaching us from His
Word then providing openings to share our testimony to His saving love as we interact
with others every day.

Not only
should we thank God for these blessings, we should be very vocal in praising Him
for His goodness, always remembering it is His power working through us and we
have no abilities or talents apart from that with which He has endowed us.  Sharing with others in our praise and
gratefulness is testimony to His grace.

Our great,
God of mercy stands ready to meet our every need, and our needs are more
frequently spiritual rather than physical’ while God can and does meet our
physical needs for housing, food, clothing and so much more, He abundantly
meets our spiritual needs for encouragement, wisdom, guidance and understanding
of His will.  His promise to us is that
whatever comes into our life will be used by our Father for our ultimate good
and more than anything else, to mold, shape and conform us, using heat and
pressure if required, into the likeness of our Savior and Lord.  His Lordship in our lives is as important as
His forgiveness of our sin.  Our Heavenly
Father, we want to be molded like clay for Your use and glory, in Jesus’ name
we pray.

Thinking Right

September 2011

Recently I emailed some questions to an individual who is
running in the St. Petersburg City Council elections asking some questions that
I thought would give me a good indication of the candidate’s core values.  I received an answer asking if there was any
City-related project or issue I wanted to discuss, but when I pressed the
question about core values to determine what the candidate really believed, I
did not get any valid responses.  All Candidates
make promises and hold out lofty slogans like: neighborhood safety, code
enforcement, a cleaner city, attempts to provide repaved roads and institute a
better system of collecting recyclables.
These are all items that sound great if they don’t increase the tax load
or cost the residents more in fees and fines.

concerned citizens, we need to know the candidates for any local elected office
personal value system; will they make a personal commitment to uphold the
Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida?  Actually we should know if they have ever
even read the Constitution, including the Constitution of Florida.  What are their personal values regarding
waste in government budgets, disdain if not dismissal of Citizen Inquiries on
current issues?  Is a candidate willing
to sign a declaration opposing infanticide in abortion ‘clinics?  Do they read and understand God’s Word as it
relates to personal issues, will they grant all views on these moral issues the
freedom of speech currently given to extremely vocal minorities?  Are they willing to show approval for Gay
Pride activities by their presence at rallies that offend the sensibilities of
ninety percent of the City’s Citizens?

of the office sought, every election is a valid survey of Citizen concern; a low
voter turnout shows an “I don’t care” or “What can I do” attitude, every vote
for a left-of-center candidate continues to propagate our national trend toward
socialism, every voter who doesn’t know or care, but votes on good looks or
amorphous promises contributes to the problem, not seeking the answer.  Every office, every election from city,
county state, even the organizations that function as regional councils for
conservation or water usage, every vote must be cast after prayerful
consideration of the candidates and their core values.  If you have a difficulty discovering those
values, that may be a check in the negative column as you evaluate and rate the

informed, Christian voters let’s be careful of our precious Constitutional
Rights, pray for wisdom and evaluate every candidate, every election.

I’m Vance, and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right

July 2011

As we celebrate July 4th, watch fireworks, have picnics and BBQ, spending time with the family, be sure to remember the reason for this celebration: The signing of the Declaration of Independence, declaring our sovereignty and freedom from the British Empire and the restrictions of King George.  Quoting the ancient prophet Habakkuk, “This is why government is ineffective and justice never emerges. For the wicked restrict the righteous; therefore, justice comes out perverted.”  There was great perversion in the way the British tormented, taxed and tested the patience of their North American colonies.  Today, our obese, demanding, overfed Federal Government is threatening to destroy our Nation by aggressively ceding our sovereignty to the UN through treaties and agreements without Congressional approval, shrinking our ability to defend ourselves, refusing to halt illegal immigration and instituting policies that will increase inflation on a scale never before seen in the United States.  Most decisions made in Washington are perverted, restricting the citizens.  Let’s return to the basics of Government!  Remember, the bureaucrats work for us!

First, recognize our Constitutional Republic was designed for a moral, spiritually upright people, led by morally upright representation; Weiner-tweeting is but a small sample (Pun not intended) of the degradation of morality in Washington DC.  God first instituted representative government in Exodus 18 when Moses selected from all the people able men, God-fearing, trustworthy, and hating bribes. Applying this standard to our representatives would call for the resignation of many of them; some aren’t even able to cast an intelligent, knowledgeable vote, like the Congressman who thought Guam would capsize if we put too many people on the island. Obamacare was passed before it was fully written! In Congress as a whole, God-fearing is an unfamiliar concept and every member of the Senate and House retires as millionaires and not because of their salaries.  To elect the proper type of representative, the people must be knowledgeable, God-fearing and discerning voters.  Inwardly transformed people (A born anew heart and mind) are necessary to transform society and government, the transformation of people begins in their spiritual recognition of God’s power and sovereignty.  Next: The government significantly influences the citizen’s moral convictions and the moral fabric of our nation.  The refusal of the Department of Justice to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act leads many people to say, “If the government thinks it’s OK, than so do I.” When we pay billions of dollars to support dependent children whose fathers take no  responsibility, we promote the moral view that a child will be fine without both mom and dad in the home.  Giving the Federal Government the control of our schools is abdicating the child-rearing responsibility out of the parents and into the nanny-state, resulting in government mandated lessons for kindergarten and first grade teaching homosexuality is normal behavior, Middle School students are encouraged to ‘experiment’ with this perversion and High School Prom drag Queens this year. We need to become a God-fearing, Biblically based people once again, erasing the past sixty years of godless progressive, liberal influence.

Finally, what can we do now?  Attack both ends!  Educate the voters, get the evangelical movement involved and proactive in Biblical teaching, we must return to a moral, God-fearing electorate before it is too late.  In this rapidly approaching election, don’t
let the wicked restrict the righteous, it’s time to put moral virtues above party or promises, select and vote for  candidates at every level who first and foremost hold to Biblical Values.                   

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right!


Thinking Right

June, 2011

What Are We Gonna Do?

Our Big
Poppa in Washington, (the Federal Government) is awash in problems and our
Anti-President is over hoisting a pint or two in Ireland and England, insulting
every nation with whom we have a vital interest.  List the problems:  First, Geologic and Climate problems, this
goes far beyond the global warming debate, but the storms raging across the
nation’s midsection.  Joplin MO,
Minneapolis MN, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana – on and on have been
hit with catastrophic storms with more to come.
Last winter’s heavy snowfall and dousing rain have swollen the rivers
causing flooding along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, all the way to the Gulf
of Mexico.  6.0 or larger earthquakes in
Iceland, Malaysia as well as quakes around the world, the Japan quake’s
devastation that will last for decades, and the resultant  radioactive fallout is felt across the
Northern Hemisphere.  We’re told by
astronomers the earth is about to enter the Pleiades anomaly, an energy ring,
or Photon Belt of incredible size and magnetic/force that could cause a period
of 3-5 days of unimaginable light or a similar period of total darkness,
depending upon the relationship of the earth to our sun at our entry.  The earth enters this belt roughly every 13.000
years.  All electronic equipment will
become non-functional.  This same frying
of electronic gear is the goal of terrorists with a nuclear explosion in space
creating a gigantic Electro-Magnetic pulse.

A second
problem is impending inflation, due to the non-stop printing of paper money
with no cash or gold reserve behind it, and selling our promissory notes to the
Chinese Government.  Wait until the
Chinese call the notes, own our high-speed rail lines and start collecting the
fares, leaving us to pay off our enormous Obamapromises.  This inflation bubble could burst almost at
any moment, making our paper money worth less than Monopoly Money.  While we can’t do anything about the earth’s
orbit, we can refuse to increase the debt limit and drastically cut
spending by the federal government, including firing the dozens of Czars that
are responsible to no Congressional oversight.

The third
crisis we face is the unrestrained influx of undocumented immigrants across our
borders.  The Southwest is now a hostile
war zone in the UNITED STATES, on the north of our border, the administration
will not address this problem because the prime focus of every Politician in
Washington with rare exception, from the President down is their re-election,
not the welfare of the Nation.

So, what’s
next, one of these events or the Terrorists, increasing Federal spying on
citizens, stripping away our support for former allies, continuing to cozy up
to dictators, or any of the other problems we see and sense in our Nation that
has lost its stability in today’s world?

I’m Vance and I’m thinking Right!

Thinking Right

May, 2011

The Anti-President

You have to have a few questions about the United States of America these days.  For many years all Christians have wondered about the Biblical teaching that sometime in the future an imposter, a False Christ will attempt to perpetrate a hoax on the people of the world and proclaim himself as the Messiah, the Savior of the Biblical message.  Why would people follow someone who is such an anti-Christian?

We are faced with the same anomaly in the political realm here in the United States of America, a Nation who until now has been the world leader in preserving freedom, fighting repression and restrictive governments.  The USA has been the only example of a Nation rising from oppressive Colonialism on the part of an European Monarchy to the greatest economic giant on the world scene, whose poorest citizens have amenities and financial stability that qualify them for government aid here, but across the rest of the world people with their resources are considered middle-class if not wealthy. The USA has been the leading force in religious freedom, sending Missionaries to proclaim freedom in Christ Jesus where only witch doctors and fear-based belief systems had flourished.  The United States of America even now rushes aid to stricken areas across the world, Haiti, Japan, Indonesia and other areas where earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other disasters have laid waste their lands.

Then, in 2008, the American Voters elected the Anti-President.  In the 3 short years he has lived in the White House, our Anti-President has said “America is exceptional, just like Greeks think Greece is exceptional or any citizen of any country thinks their country is exceptional.  Mr. Obama we ARE exceptional! Our nation has its roots in the freedoms and rights guaranteed every person by our Creator God, and many Biblical passages are the foundation for our exceptionalism.  Until 2009 we were known as a Christian Nation, but our Anti-President has said, America is a Muslim Nation, a Christian Nation, etc.  No longer is our President acting or living any resemblance to a Christian, he is the Anti-President who claims no specific faith, but recognizes Muslim holidays, fasts, ceremonies, but ignores the time-honored tradition of proclaiming Easter and other Christian observances.

The Anti-President will not reveal his birth documents, almost as if he does not even want to be known as a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.  The Anti-President has espoused financial policies that have ruined the USA’s credit worldwide, burdened our citizenry and jeopardized our dollar’s position as the world standard, a move that could result in double-digit inflation almost overnight.


BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama threatens to stop pay for all active duty military personnel if he doesn’t get his way on ObamaCare, EPA & Planned Parenthood funding.

In what is widely being viewed as a singular political retaliation against pro-military conservatives, Barack Obama threatened to veto the bill designed to ensure our U.S. Armed Forces would receive their regular paychecks during the looming threatened Federal government “shut down.” The blog RedState rightly called it: “Barack Obama Takes Our Soldiers Hostage to a Shutdown.”

Barack Obama is playing a sinister and dangerous game, using our brave military personnel and their families as sacrificial pawns and refusing to send paychecks to the already underpaid men and women who put their lives on the line every day- just so he can use political muscle to retain his Constitution-busting ObamaCare funding.
It is high time Barack Obama and his anti-military, Black Panther & Weatherman & SDS promoting, Vietnam War protesting, Hanoi Jane idolizing buddies STOP playing politics with the lives and families of our honorable Armed Forces.


Thinking Right

March 2011


Boondoggle: “A project funded by the federal government out of political favoritism that is of no real value to the community or the nation.” (Definition from  What a perfect illustration of the proposed High Speed Rail System.  One critical element in the whole concept is that it isn’t free!  It is paid by tax dollars, in this case, to be levied against our children and grandchildren.  To say the money is there and will go to another State is an outright lie.  There is no money in the Federal bank account, and this boondoggle should be deleted from the budget!  I can’t express how irritated I am at Senator Nelson, Pam Iorio and others who think this is a good idea.  I’m making typo’s (Yes, the apostrophe belongs there because typo is an abbreviation for typographical.) all over because I’m so irritated.  Temporary jobs for the short term to build a railroad that runs at the most 90 miles, and will never have ridership that will sustain its operating costs, using land that is better used to widen and maintain I-4.  Disney already has their own railroad, don’t demand more from Florida’s taxpayers.  Someone estimated we only get 80 cents back out of every tax dollar we send to Washington, well, cut the Federal tax load!   I’m not sure about some of Governor Scott’s ideas, but this rejection of money for the rail system is by far and away the best, wisest and most fiscally responsible thing to do!

Now, for the Wisconsin outlaws; a bunch of supposedly responsible, upstanding teachers giving their students an example of how to act; If you don’t like it – riot!  Wait until the kids do that in their classroom when they announce a unit test, simply a case of  “Do as I say, not as I do.”.  Then, it’s the elected representatives who refuse to vote and imperil their own re-election, what an example for the future voters of Wisconsin.  As a whole, American voters want fiscal responsibility with no pain involved.  We either have to drastically reduce spending all across the board or we have to raise taxes.  The most logical place to cut is in entitlements.  No citizen has so critically helped our nation so we have to provide homes, food, education, health care, unemployment payments for 2 years, high speed rail, etc. for them without cost.  Even our Medal of Honor recipients don’t get any tax breaks for their bravery and if anyone deserves it they do.

I think it is time to suspend the Democrat Senate leadership, Cabinet Secretaries and non-Constitutional Czars by bringing charges of malfeasance and let the nation judge their motives for leading us down the path to ruin.

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right

Thinking Right

February 2011

One of the most arresting comments made by Mr. Obama last night in the SOTU speech was his comment on reform in Government; “And now it’s our turn.  We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time.  We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.  (Applause.)  We have to make America the best place on Earth to do business.  We need to take responsibility for our deficit and reform our government.  That’s how our people will prosper.  That’s how we’ll win the future.  (Applause.)  And tonight, I’d like to talk about how we get there.”

Re-forming our Government is exactly what this current administration has been doing through the appointments of the Czars and Secretaries of various Departments, thus avoiding Congressional approvals. What else will he re-form?  The dictionary definition of reform is to “restructure reorganize or modify,” This Presidential statement is nothing less than a warning and announcement that the current Administration is going to make drastic changes in the way our government operates.  It will be a naked Executive power grab! Add this to the unconstitutional Executive Orders and America has a problem.

‘Yes, Executive Orders are unconstitutional, as they are simply interoffice memos from the “boss” of the Executive Branch to his employees. And, in precisely the same vein, “Secretarial Orders,” the new “under the radar slider” used by Mr. Obama’s department heads, are equally unconstitutional.  Executive Orders and Secretarial Orders bypass the U.S. Congress, which Barack Obama no longer controls. Mr. Obama is determined to circumvent the United States Congress on issues that he cannot pursue through legislation—and, since all of his social progressive mandates are pretty much unconstitutional, he fully intends to operate as a Dictator, while he pretends to be a moderate, Constitutional, Democrat.’  (From the Daily Beast)

Some unconstitutional moves have already been made in the relationship with the United States and the United Nations.  With the willing cooperation of the Secretary of State, Obama has signaled cooperating on The UN Coordinating Action on Small Arms (CASA) that decided to embark upon developing international small arms control standards (ISACS), as well as the Lost at Sea Treaty (LOST)  Ceding  sovereignty to the UN instead of the US Constitution in both instances.

Directives have gone to the BATFE to restrict gun sales to private parties through departmental regulations and tight supervision.  Last night’s speech revealed the desire to legalize current students in educational institutions at the expense of legitimate foreign immigrants, if not by legislation, possibly through the Department of Education which, said Obama, needs additional ‘investment.’  The next twelve months will see a rapid accrual and solidification of power in the Executive branch of Government, abetted by a compliant Senate and Supreme Court to keep control with or without a national election.  Remember, one-half of one-third of Government is not as significant as we would like.

I’m Vance and I’m Thinking Right


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